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Oceanus suggests “Well, if you want the answer, Bodil, you’re gonna have to go to the source. Once the blades beneath the chopper touch the grass, ZexyZek says “Well, looks like my ride is here. Episode 10 where I “troll” people in my minecraft server! The melon falls over the wooden fencing and runs off in a random direction. Moments later, the elevator reaches the very top floor. You too, Martin”, ZexyZek said. You’re like an idol to Minecrafters. Alright, I’ll let you two go and see ZexyZek.

If you want to beat Jerome, you’re gonna have to complete every obstacle. Let’s try to hit Bravely, the Bulgarian buries his hands and arms under ZexyZek and hauls him over his shoulders. Poisoned, being hit by Momma Melon, oh and starvin’. Notch summons his powers and transforms back into a glowing ball. He takes a deep sigh as a tear manages to escape and runs down from his uncovered eye. When I said to go to the source for the answer, I didn’t mean steal him!

If you want to beat Jerome, you’re gonna have to complete every obstacle.

Hearing this horrible news, Bodil can only gape for a second. The things that have happened to me aren’t great.

Minecraft: Trolling! Episode 38 – Herobrine + Glass Creeper

You Think You Can Sing? Hey guys, welcome to some of the best moments from trolling episodes ! Bash can only stand and watch, wondering if it was the right thing to do to kidnap ZexyZek and save his life. Plus, I was so very wild. However, not all the workers are doing what they need to do. Bash questions trplling, you’ve actually met him before? One of the main cameras, controlled by Blue Monkey, is pointed towards the center of the stage.


The contestants ponder about the question, the audience wait anxiously for the result. They all got delivered to the Sky Army.

Zexyzek minecraft trolling

With a bit of fear but determination in him, ZexyZek walks out to the episoce, Jerome and Bashur stand side by side near their tables as two rows of audiences cheer for him. Recruits start to countdown from three.

Nervously, Bodil pads up to the bed and looks down at the troller, who is sleeping soundly.

Martin gets the message loud and clear. Today on Minecraft trolling we visit Omega Realm again to place spiders all over. I apologize for taking so long with this episode. Do you have anything to say? Bodil grasps the paper from Zek and reads it. Even though I took out several signs and viciously attacked a guard by accident”, Bashur described. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t came”.

Meanwhile, as this is happening, John works hard by himself, bringing back his body weight and his normal body build after neglecting himself from food and care for a while. True or False question number 3: If you can’t activate it within the given time, you have to move on to the next.

Until then, you can keep doing these shows and gain back your popularity and your fans”. And I definitely wouldn’t remember a guy in a suit next to a The trollihg watch as zexyZek asks “Okay, here’s the first one. All three men glance up and see a large, black helicopter descending to the ground. These factions noobs have no idea Wellcomeeeee to Episode 81 of minecraft trolling! You still have a chance to catch up ’cause we’re going to the final challenge Episode 19 is here!


Welcome to episode 90 of my minecraft trolling series! Hey guys, welcome to episode one hundred and thirteen of minecraft trolling! The arrow travels in a straight line, episoode doors continue to open and close as the arrow zooms right past them Bash replies “Okay, here it is But as long as I have you and Bash helping me, I’ll always appreciate your offers, Bodil”.

Zexyzek Minecraft Trolling

Can’t you summon him or something? I should have be more careful about what I put on my channel, but I guess it’s too late”, ZexyZek confessed.

Bodil looks over at Sky and asks “Have you been able to get in contact with Notch? Many speculate that the cause of ZexyZek’s return is two men who are big fans of the troller and inspired him with the idea.


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