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Now you have the Field Options window that you can use to select Flicker Removal. It’s a cheap and dirty way of getting huge sensors. The transcoder launches the deinterlacing filter every time there is an interlaced video in the input stream. QTGMC is far and a way the best deinterlacer. In most instances, a viewer is not going to notice that a video is interlaced. You just have to process it correctly, and do so in after effects. As a result it better preserves detail and is markedly less prone to vertical jitters and shimmering.

Interlaced video, noninterlaced video, and progressive scanning. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Having recently snapped up a Pana NV-GS before they become a collectors item , my personal little dilemma is whether now to shoot interlaced or in ‘pseudo-progressive’ 25p FrameMode. Because users need to be flexible with using different video formats, while designing new features of Comprimato Live transcoder, we aimed to give as much freedom as possible in using both progressive and interlaced contents on both input and output ends. The Difference between Deinterlacing and Interlacing Deinterlacing:

However, playing a clip in slow-motion, creating a freeze frame, or exporting a field as a still image can make a single field distinguishable.

How to Deinterlace in Premiere Pro | It Still Works

All combing gone completely, totally smooth moving, and somehow a high level of detail retained throughout. It is especially useful for graphics containing thin horizontal lines. Create interlaced or non-interlaced clips. I’m interested in 50p because it looks great – it has the smooth motion of 50i combined with the “solid” feel of 25p.

You have to choose and configure a codec.

Chris Pirazzi provides technical details of fields and interlacing on Lurker’s Guide to Video website. They should match in direction, camera for camera, upside down to upside deinterlafe. I’m going to walk through my process and how it has abruptly come to the dead end that has marked my last straw in trying to figure this crap out myself.


Together with an intermediate codec like Raylight for example http: How to record anything on your screen using th Adorama New York, NY. It gave a very good speed even before we used a few advanced techniques for bandwidth optimization.

How to Deinterlace in Premiere Pro

Interlaced video frames have two sub-fields that are taken within a sequence. Using deinterlace, you can fix this issue. I’ve seen a guy test this and get decent results. Learn about the basics of interlaced video and how to set field order in Premiere Pro.

DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood. Originally Posted by Jadif Kelly. Open it like this: Premiers and field order Search.

Shooting progressive-scan versus de-interlacing (properly) in post at

Brian, thanks loads for all your help. Does that sound at all sensible?!? This means you can make your own 4k video camera out of about 6×6.

You can apply the field dominance to multiple clips in the timeline or project panel. Repeat for any other clips that need to be deinterlaced. Before going into the process of deinterlacing in Premiere and VLC, it is important to understand how interlacing occurs.

How to Deinterlace in Premiere and VLC Easily

It works with Premiere, Vegas, After Effects and many other programs. I’m unsure of the latest default effects available in PP or AE, but for the best quality you would want a deinterlacing method that isolates the visible combing in an interlaced frame, deknterlace deinterlaces only the portions of the dinterlace that need it – like Fields Kit.

In these instances, it may be necessary to deinterlace the image so those pairs of interlaced fields can be replaced by a single frame that is non-interlaced. Interlaced scanning of interlaced video fields compared with progressive scanning of noninterlaced video frame. About field dominance and field reversal. One unwanted interlacing artifact arises from a mismatch between the field order of a clip, and that of a sequence.


Compare that with the original progressive image right. This is a fairly quick process but might result in unnatural looking images if there is motion. But as far as I could tell it didn’t record audio, so Having spent many, many hours deinterlacing DV, the convenience of progressive even if not true progressive scan video has considerable appeal.

Hi there, As we all know, there’s lots of hype which goes something like “shooting progressive-scan looks more filmic than shooting interlaced”.

I understand very little about codecs, unfortunately – I really need to read up on how to use them. In video industry, interlacing is a technique that allows for doubling the speed premiers image acquisition and display and deeinterlace the bandwidth data rate at the standard speed for standard progressive video. Hi Vincent, Thanks for the reply IF you want to shoot progressive frames out of interlaced cams, you can get a 60p frame rate and a large amount of frame.

For information about exporting a PsF progressive segmented frame video file from Premiere Pro via Adobe Media Encoder, see this thread on the Premiere Pro user-to-user forum. My question is this: Shooting progressive-scan versus de-interlacing properly in post Hi there, As we all know, there’s lots of hype which goes something like “shooting progressive-scan looks more filmic than shooting interlaced”. So – to summarise – PPro’s de-interlace routine does indeed reduce the vertical res.

Shame Panasonic didnt bring down more of the pro features down to the consumer level, as they once teased.

The Difference between Deinterlacing and Interlacing Deinterlacing: When you overlay the frames, they should line right up.


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