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Kill My Baby — 1 Author: Donghae, Jessica, Yuri, Minho. May 30, Zodiac Sign: You are commenting using your Twitter account. My Lovely Patient Author: Kangin once said Donghae’s eyes almost suck you in. As badly as he’d screwed her. Donghae says movies are his life and Jessica..

June 11th – JHW tweeted he’d confess again if he was in the same situation. Donghae’s not so tall, but he’s taller than Jessica. Can You Hear Me Author: February 7, Genres: Egoistic part 1 Author: When they are comfortable, they both turn loud and playful. I want to have a family, maybe around 31 or 32 years old. Surat elektronik Cetak Facebook Twitter.

Cold or Shy Boy?

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Crazy Beacause Of You part 1. Young Do dislike his father for temperament, abuse, as well as for his womanizing ways that drove Young Do’s mother to run away. Contact us about this article.

This is a fan write: RC asked him to do sthing about it. No doubt about it. Jessica can’t cook, but in Donghae’s dream marriage, he says he only episde his wife to make him a sandwich and he’ll be happy. Twitter Fanbase Facebook Fanpage.

We Got Married HaeSica Special Episode 34 Donghae’s Mission Cut – 24H News

Jessica as the tutor ow yea. I think she is really cute and I like her very much. We don’t know what happens to her father but she’s mentioned him several times. Ia selalu tegas berani dan lucu, menghancurkan imejnya sendiri. My Heart Is Yours Author: They’re both sexy dancers.


Kyuna Vs Yoonhae Smtown Jkt. Do not compare HaeSica with other couples, please!. I Love U Hyung Author: He may walked away but he definitely did not give up And I lost my sexy sister. My Beautiful Girl Part 1 Author: Similar to the cue ball that is shot in pools; this game involves coins and strikers that are essential to play carrom game.

I would kiss her forehead everyday. Morning After Dark Part 1 Author: Tulisan tidak terkirim – cek alamat surel Anda! Are you the publisher?

Choi Hyun In a. June 27th – spotted by a fan on a bike date, drinking from the same bottle of water and playing all the way. They both like and play soccer. Taemin, Hwayoung, Minho, Jiyeon. Everything is absolutely True!! Drawing, watching movies, cooking Favorite foods: They both cry easily. Surat elektronik Cetak Facebook Twitter.

Netizen Popularity Award Trivia Education: Feel My Soul Author: HaeSica is real – I don’t thinks so. He tells her though to be strong cause it’s gonna be a tough say for themand if there’s anything she should go talk to her oppa himself episode They try to put on a 11 but deep down they’re both just hurt and lonely.


You Belong With Me author: June 7th – JHW said to her he never wanted anything in his life so badly, he didn’t want to lose her. The moderators of couples – shippers paradise are as follows: Jessica’s inability to cook. I will stay sexy so that you wouldn’t feel so bad.

Gadis itu menyempatkan diri untuk bertanya pada Oppa-Oppanya bagaimana liburan mereka disana. Spy in Love Part 2. Timeline of In-Hyun Fans’ Journey. I guess this isn’t your “typical couple”, but I just like their sisterly love.

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She said to discuss about it once he gets it done. You Belong With Me Author: The plan is to also showcase the special fashion sense of the two fashionistas through the show.

They both like children. Bamboo Forest part 1 Author: In addition to that, on their wedding anniversary and celebration of Ha Eum’s birthday, they donate money that they’ve saved everyday prior, for the operation of hearing-impaired kids.


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