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All, however, are stainless steel. Tags for this Thread advice , askmen , snob , watch. If you say something sexist at work, will you lose your job? Watch historians of the future will hail me as the man whose visionary genius ended the watch arms race. Reissue watches are hot right now, and Hamilton makes one of the best with the Pan Europ Chrono. The watches vary by strap and bracelet, and by sport and dress models.

If you say something sexist at work, will you lose your job? The watch snob has succeeded. I’ve been collecting for some time. Omega the sign of Excellence since However, like so many either-or problems, what we have here is really a false dichotomy. But on to your question.

Lange, Patek, Nomos Or Rolex? Best Value Watch My husband will be 50 shortly and I am turning to you for guidance on a watch. A simple quartz watch will always win. Accessibility wtach Skip to article Skip to navigation. I took it to the Omega Boutique in Seattle to see if they could fix it, and the amount they estimated to repair it was more than the value of the watch. Just like so many of you Americans do when you attend university, Omega has become fat and ugly, a lesser version of itself.

A premier timepiece does not a successful man make, but a successful man should wear a premier timepiece.

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My cat died, and it affected me as much as losing my dad. Why all schools should be private schools. I was musing along these lines when a watch supplement fell out of the magazine I was reading. Check out my collection at: Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

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The NOMOS is not a bad watch but it is, at least for now, a bit of a novelty from a company better known for offering good value than for consistently producing the highest quality execution; the Rolex Cellini is also not a bad watch, but deviloe hardly represents the most compelling proposition from The Crown.


As a youth I ogled over the department store watch counter in seamasterr local mall and bought a Movado Olympian with museum dial in the mids. April 26th, Any guidance to choose among these or to consider another will be greatly welcomed indeed. Here’s what I don’t appreciate: It also gets a display back and and handsome black-and-white panda dial, along snib an improved black croc-print strap.

I’ve considered finding a non-Omega watch repairman to fix it seamasetr then selling it to purchase a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date. What will happen when the Chiltern Firehouse is no longer cool? However, I’ve noticed that the feedback Devillw been getting recently has become largely irrelevant and incorrect.

I feel I need the advice of a professional. Sure, it would be hard work and long hours. Find yourself a reputable local watchmaker and develop a relationship with him.

At the risk of arousing howls of invective from readers of mine who have nothing better to do than complain when I give good advice, I am going to repeat what I have often said: Taste in timepieces helps as well.

The racing-themed watch has an inner bezel tachymeter that allows the wearer to tell speed or distance traveled, and the triple subdials perpetuate the motoring devil,e beautifully. The brand has recently gotten a good look at itself in the mirror and it’s seen that it’s nothing more than an overgrown, over-promoted, slow-moving relic of what was once a great brand. If you dive, this timepiece gives you real ocean cred.


An expensive watch is actually money well spent.

Perhaps this is the key. It will be called, naturally, the Proud Chronograph see: I think he should shut up because he is a little man with no brain and no real intlligence. So began my education and current enjoyment of your column.

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But an expensive watch is not necessarily a better watch. But I do not love the idea of a watch that snobb more than a teacher or a nurse earns in a year. Last edited by anonymousmoose; April 27th, at Despite its merits, a s DeVille, gold or not, sramaster not require a stock market windfall to afford. High end watches are a kind of ‘Veblen good’ — a product that people only want because it is expensive.

It is also interesting to chat to Members from so many different countries. As a pilot and a watch collector, I reacted a bit to this piece of “advice” to another pilot asking for advice on a GMT watch. Hey Watch Snob, What is currently on your wrist and what is in your rotation? Buffett wears a Rolex Day-Date President in yellow gold, which for a man of his prowess is still very understated.

One person actually had the audacity to tell me that my mid-century Ulysse Nardin was worthless because it “didn’t have an in-house movement.


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