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He reaches the bottom, retrieves the bomb, and starts to swim back up, but he runs out of air and falls to the lake-bed. He falls down to the lake floor, seemingly dead. Meanwhile, James and Meowth are searching for Dratini in a lake underwater. The warden runs over, takes the picture from them and yells at the kids that there are no Dratini. The Dratini was never found, and all that remains is a picture. Just then, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Kaiser intervene. They all go inside and the warden sets them up with a fishing rod and a basket of Safari Balls.

Ash argues otherwise, but he is silenced by seeing Kaiser reach for his gun. Kaiser yells at them angrily. Ash tries his hand at a Rhydon as they sneak up to it through some bushes. James and Meowth don scuba gear and attempt to find Dratini, while Jessie waits for them above. The group then hides behind bushes while observing a Rhyhorn. Personal tools Create account Log in. The trio is interrupted by Kaiser who made his way all the way to the group while being tickled.

Ash accepts the challenge. James and Meowth don scuba gear and attempt to find Dratini, while Jessie waits for them above. Meanwhile, Ash rpisode his friends call Professor Oak to ask him about the hot-tempered warden.

Pokémon – Season 1, Episode The Legend of Dratini –

James and Meowth jump pokmon into the air, struggling to breathe and they scare the Pokemon off. Just then, a herd of Tauros trample over the Professor in a stampede, revealing that in the end, Ash failed to catch anything but Tauros.


The group hastily apologizes and the man relents, then introduces himself as Kaiserthe Safari Zone warden. Ash argues otherwise, but he is silenced by seeing Kaiser reach for his gun.

Jessie proceeds to yell at the duo but then Meowth suggests throwing a bomb, that looks a lot like dynamite, into the water and knock all the Pokemon out.

Kaiser asks them about the challenge but Jessie tells him that they always planned to cross Ash. Ash jumps in the water and Misty calls for her Staryu to help him. Team Rocket is at a lake inhabited by Dratini.

Both Kaiser and Dragonair are moved to tears by their reunion after so many years. Please remember to follow waatch manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Retrieved from ” https: Jessie promises to think about it as she turns into a young school girl and her voice gets very high pitched and excited. Suddenly, a storm begins and a giant whirlpool churns the lake’s waters. Ash accepts the challenge, confident that he will win.

And then Ash seemingly dies and floats down onto the floor of the lake. Misty notices a picture leggend Kaiser as a young man, in which he is holding a Dratini.

Pokémon Banned Episode: The Legend of Dratini

Soon after, she gets a bite from a Gyaradosbut the line breaks, allowing the Gyarados to return to the water. He offers Kaiser some food and Kaiser starts to break down but still holds out.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolteffectively stopping the machine.

Back at the warden’s office, Ash promises Oak that they will never share their experience in the Safari Zone with others.

Meanwhile, Misty shows off her lure case to the group, which includes a MagikarpSeeland Psyduck lure. In the meantime, make sure to watch the next episode: When Ash tries to grab them, the warden points his gun at him and starts to explain what the items are for.


Brock asks Ash to stop singing, but Ash ignores him.

Pokémon Indigo League – Episode 35 – The Legend of Dratini – Banned Episode – English Subtitles

Jessie says that the game isn’t over yet and throws in the bomb. He refuses to tell them. Credits Animation Team Ota. A little into the article, I found a slightly better source for the episode that had a better quality video but since this is a hard-to-find episode, it features English subtitles.

Pokemon 01×35 The Legend Of Dratini

When Ash asks what the man’s problem is, the man pulls out a firearm and asks whether he wants to get shot. He promises the Dratini in his picture that it will never be disturbed again. Ash throws his ball but the group of Tauros run between Ash and the Pokemon and one of the Tauros enters the Legnd and gets caught.

As most dubs are based on the English adaptation, this episode has not aired in most of the world outside of Japan.


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