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Anybody know what Savox or Hitec servo’s will fit this truck? Turn your computer off when you? Find More Posts by PhilippineEagle. Need some clay tires. AA Batteries for Transmitter. Find More Posts by vines.

I already got a spindle set with it. I have a truggy and went up to a 35 wt oil and was pleasantly surprised. Attackers may attempt to gather information by sending emails requesting that you confirm purchase or account information. Please click here for User’s Manual. Buy Venom 35C 3S mAh Read your credit card statements as soon as you get them to make sure there aren? All terrain tires Chassis: Only had to replace 1 broken spindle right side but I have 5 sets for back up.

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Tacon thriller 1/14th?

Hopefully Tacon changed all of them by now. What about tires and wheels?

The Tacon Thriller ready to run package also includes a 2. Make sure the site is legitimate: A 2mm thick aluminum chassis brushlless as the base of this short course truck. Mounted on the front and rear is 2. And if so, any tips, upgrades I should do right away?

1/14th Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck RC Brushless Ready to Run

This indicates that the purchase is encrypted or secured. Do you know if anything else will fit? Tacon receiver with 2. Use safe payment options: All terrain tires Chassis: To be safe, turn off your computer when it’s not in use.


I’ll post a picture when I get on my pc next week. thrilled

Tacon thriller 1/14th? – R/C Tech Forums

Just replace it wIth a the metal geared solar servo it’s only like 12dollars. Because with complete servo extension the inside rims gouge the plastic turnbuckles. Protect your personal information: Find More Posts by Petem. With frequency hopping technology, interference is a thing of the past. Contact the merchant directly if you are alerted to a problem.

Remember, you only need to fill out required fields on a vendors checkout form. The steering tie rods and upper and lower arms are adjustable for fine tuning of the toe and camber, effectively altering the handling characteristics of the truck.

Print and save records of your online transactions, including the product description, price, online receipt, terms of the sale, and copies of any email exchange with the seller. Aluminum-threaded, oil-filled, coil-over, T6 ajustable Ball Bearings: Learn from our Grushless. Also, unlike thrilled cards, credit cards may have a limit on the monetary amount you will be responsible for paying if your information is stolen and used by someone else.

Gonna upgrade to the aluminum ones when they get back in stock. Friend has one and it’s pretty nice!!!!

This scale truck will put a huge smile on your face when you see it four wheel power sliding through a corner spitting dirt and debris out the rear end. Be wary of emails requesting information: Follow us on Twitter. Find More Posts by iggnash. Steel hinge-pins with rounded front bumper A 35 amp programmable brushless electronic speed controller delivers the current efficiently through an included I will only be running this on clay. Find More Posts by aquito.


Read your credit card statements as soon as you get them to make sure there aren? Had them for over a year now. Use contact information found on your account turiller, not in the email.

1/14th Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck Brushless Ready to Run RC Remote Control Radio Car

Add a Poll to this Thread. Find More Posts by amd Well I don’t believe they will do well on clay but we shall see. Please click here for User’s Manual. Some attackers try to trick you by creating malicious websites that appear legitimate, so you should verify the site before supplying any information.


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