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I’m really glad that Eun Oh got some closure with mom. Okay, this is some weirdass dream, right? Jade tells him to think hard and remember what he gave him and what he said. People have their own choice. Now that I know you, who gave up your life to save the person you loved, I know where that crazy courage came from. From Jade’s perspective, he said the human heart is difficult to understand so that’s why he exists. Episodes by odilettante.

Thanks for the recap. She deserves an award for that performance. I love this drama very much. And up above, we see that Mu-young is perched on the rocks, watching the whole scene unfold. You have got to be kidding me. But NO, she just flits off right after him! Am not sure what we know and what the characters know but I think this conversation took place. So much good stuff happened, like Arang confessing she didn’t want to leave that really got me and Eun-oh reuniting with his mother, even if for a brief moment.

On our dear Dol-Swe, however, it just looked ill-fitting. We tend to remember the love story as if that was all the story was about but a love story that is solely about the lovers is just plain flat and simply a shallow kinda empty romance.

Mom and Bang-wool come out smiling, and so do the Bangs. I was watching Matistrate till the 4th episode and I got bored and only keep reading recaps just to know what happened, maybe I wasn’t in the mood for a drama like this.


I almost finish one box of tissue sobbing. I prefer uhm tae wong ‘equator man’ than a pretty face sjk. Firstly, nowhere have I ever stated that Lee JunKi could not be a better actor than any other.

Just a good old happy ending. That kind of confession never fails to turn me into a puddle of goo. So, in Episode 15, araang slowed down to snail’s pace and remade itself as a melo drama. What is wrong with using stunt doubles? Yes, WE the viewers figured that out eons ago. I love how Eun Oh is really calculative. No pressure or anything! Thank you, for being strong and brave. Village Mrembo October episodee, at 6: If Arang gave herself up, that would’ve been silly, cause it would be a mere little loop and a subplot with no real purpose.

Usually, time is so limited, that to minimise the risk of injury to anyone and to actualy shoot the piece in time for airing, there is no other choice other than to have stunt doubles brought in. She didn’t stay at home to add more thrill to the drama.

This year was a great K-drama year for me! And I thought, this was what EO wanted all along. ANYA October 17, at Arang’s body should be possessed by Mu-yeon, it’s integral to the plot, that’s the climax of her having an immortal body.

And the ‘married’ clothes that EO had to wear looked poor and uncultured, short too! Should you really be telling your murderous accomplice that you intend to burn him to save yourself?


Drama Korea Arang and the Magistrate () Full Episode Subtittle Indonesia

So whatever happens next, I wouldn’t necessarily call it deus ex machina since it doesn’t work that way. I bawled like a river. Yeah, I was completely disappointed in this episode. But NO, she just flits off right after him! How much did you hate me?

Drama Korea Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Full Episode 1-20 Subtittle Indonesia

We have totally enjoyed the ride. It also killed me how many times EO called his mom “mother” and the way his mom was lovingly looking at him. He falls to his knees before Arang, crying that his heart fluttered when he saw her, like it was the first time.

adang ShinRaeMi07 October 17, at 8: To the writer-nim, thank you for the foreshadowing, but I don’t want it to be just a dream juz for the sake to make EO braver to complete his mission!


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