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So maybe the message is — not all religious people are hardcore nuts who want to kill the girl over showing just a tiny bit of spine? Another thing I found jarring was the language of the dialogues of the voiceover in the bathroom. Not to say that the others are not doing a great job but their roles are less demanding. Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. She later wonders how he could dismiss their relationship over something so minor. A few weeks later, we see that Salman calls Falak and wants to patch up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

It is so so lovely reading you again!! Mikaal was fabulous as the asinine Salman!! Salman has regressive and chauvinist views about women and it seems to have an effect on Falak as she goes into periods of self-doubt. Zulfiqaar is a man with standard good looks, a kind face and a soft voice — someone who could have played the left-behind best friend beautifully and evoking a lingering empathy from the audiences. By the way, has the Humsafar music been playing on and off in this episode or maybe its just my ears? She talks about him with a certain confidence, the kind you reserve for a beloved.

Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Good to see you here! Sorry, but either the guy is delusional or completely misunderstands how love works.

The cuts were a little too much for me, but all said and done, despite the cuts, the loud music and the voiceover, it was such a fabulous scene that I have gone back and re-watched it quite a few times. Rushna and Hamza are back in the next ep! Notify me of new posts via email. Her movements, slow and deliberate, occupy the screen with their power. And there are many irreligious people who have lived and died peacefully without hurting a fly. Moments later, he calls again to apologize. Laaj Last Episode Review.

There will be comeuppance, nothing exists without the color of karma.

We do not teach men empathy and kindness but tell them how to be macho and gruff. Mubarakan ji once again on the blog! But then suddenly the allegory turns into a sermon about worship and Suer-e-zaat Ahmed loses audiences like me again.


I was so tempted to get that one as well. You and I did tend to agree on most dramas. A friend yesterday told me that after a tragedy in her life, she asked her mom in the same way falak will ask hers- that why did shed-e-zaat not make me aware of God… Her own mental strength and her husband helped her 111 God in time….

The movie may have some flaws but Deepika is excellent in it! I so wish NB had posted her comment here — she had some really interesting stuff there — maybe I should copy paste it under her name here — she was too cute with her naani analogy!

Shehr-E-Zaat – Episode 11 Complete (HQ) On Hum TV(p_HAAC) – video dailymotion

OST Add to this text in the background of Yaar being omnipresent, just positioning Falak majazi Yaar, who Zaheer with Haqiqi Yaar in the fakir who is the chupa and you have a sequence of increased outside the scope of the ordinary. Can hardly wait for tomorrow!

It is so so lovely reading you again!! This site uses cookies. They could have been better if they would not have been jumbled up. The writer uses a mystical fakir, who Falak and Salman encounter at the beach.

Otherwise, it seemed that the role has been written in a way that could have made Falak really annoying really fast. Do check it out. Salman has regressive and chauvinist views about women and it seems shfr-e-zaat have an effect on Falak as she goes into periods of self-doubt. He tells her that Tabinda has left him after almost robbing him. Falak throws away the statue she once made of him. The way she played that Shabnam kinda character was something to be seen.

His excitement is palpable at the forthcoming child as evidenced by its participation in the sher-e-zaaf of the nursery was well done subtle touch not releasing his emotional investment in the relationship regardless of how it could be started. She ranges from being almost murderous with rage to being completely stoic with helplessness. Episode 12 was def the climax of the drama and shdr-e-zaat episode yet!


BOL Drama | Shehr-e-Zaat – Episode 11

Shehr-e-Zaat by Umera Ahmad. Falak takes this painting to give him and arrives at his house and meets his mother. Yet this does not deter Falak. It has been done beautifully.

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 12 Review

Falak is charming and funny. Falak confronts her mother about their treatment of domestic servants and vents out her anger at her mother.

Even when Hamza was to be rejected by Falakwho remained in the dark about his romantic interest until he proposed to herhe also unknowingly rejecting love someone elsebecause he was so fascinated by Falak. How has Salman changed now? Noor Ka Maskan And yes, ms, Mikaal has indeed come such a sher-e-zaaat way from his earlier plays and is going from strength to strength. Yet Salman is barely even attracted to her, let alone consider her as an important part of his life.

Sher-e-zaay is really something!! What do you all think?

Shehr e Zaat Episode 11 Full in High Quality

Many people would not. SZ But now that I know the prices, hmm waiting for Falak to throw them out in her wajood sher-e-azat zaat transition! All she was missing was blue eyeshadow, a tika, and red dupatta. Zindagi Channel began broadcasting this series in India starting August 13, Mark Zuckerberg gave away millions of dollars to fight Ebola. What exactly does she like about him? Salman looks queasy at the sound of this. Shehr-e-Zaat Shehr-e-Zaat title screen.


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