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This makes evident that the lake inertia manifests itself the following period lag one in the lake tributaries and obviously in the lake itself, phenomenon which seems to confirm the presence of a feedback mechanism boomerang effect. Current knowledge and an agenda for future research. Full Text Available We examined seasonal and diel variation in prey species composition and biomass in the diet of the exotic rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, The temperature-dependent degradation was adequately modeled on the Arrhenius equation. It also describes how the builders of the pipeline addressed the concerns of communities along the pipeline route. Por lo tanto, establecimos 33 parcelas de 0.

Phenotypic plasticity of Vaccinium meridionale Ericaceae in wild populations of mountain forests in Colombia. For more than a century glaciers around the world have been melting as air temperatures rise due to a combination of natural processes and human activity. There was a complete agreement between the different methods in delimiting the subalpine belt. Coping with environmental and socio-economic changes. These treatments were conducted in a coastal western and an Andean eastern population. The peatland studied is located at the headwater basin Cachi River, in the town of Ayacucho, Peru. This paper examines three such efforts. Mario Alberto Cajas Sarria

Iguanidae en el sur de los Andes de Colombia. This environment defines if infant belongs to the paternal or maternal line and, beyond the lineage, atestigusr the community.

Las bandadas mixtas de aves son grupos de individuos de diferentes especies que viajan y forrajean juntos, y son comunes en varias comunidades de aves alrededor del mundo. Full Text Available Mixed bird flocks are groups of individuals from different species that travel and forage together. It occurs most often in young women and is very rare in men, and there are few cases of mortality associated pafa this tumor.

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Adult males were heavier than adult females. Manuel de Tezanos Pinto y Joseph de Alvarado. As a consequence, the top-down effect on the aquatic community does not appear to be dampened since trout do not strongly preyed on terrestrial invertebrates. Barren Miocene granitoids in the Central Andean metallogenic belt, Chile: Los programas de transferencias condicionadas: A millennium of metallurgy recorded by lake sediments from Morococha, Peruvian Andes.


Full Text Available A first documented case study of a disappearing glacier in the snow capped volcano Cotacahi in Ecuador is presented with the studies belonging to the social sciences in relation to climate change and its impact on the population of the Equatorial Andes. Such expansion has been accompanied by an increase in the knowledge of the deformation periods in the Andesallowing a more detailed analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution of the detected rotations.

The primary goal of the ASTER mission is to obtain high-resolution image data in 14 channels over the entire land surface, as well as black and white stereo images. Then follow detailed descriptions of the glaciers and glacial parra of all the important mountains of the Western and Eastern Cordilleras.

Based on comparison with other low-latitude paleoclimate records, such as those from lakes and caves, we infer that both temperature and precipitation influenced past glacial occurrence in this sector of the arid Andes.

Members of the Juncaceae are the primary peat-forming plant species. To collect the 3-D data, engineers added a meter-long foot mast, installed additional C-band and X-band antennas, and improved. Words have different meanings and means to exercise power in Andean societies.

los andes meridionales: Topics by

At more than 4, m, the extreme habitat par the study site supported relatively few species. Cada inflorescencia pasa poruna fase masculina, una intermedia no reproductiva y una fase femenina. Mercantile, native-net and family bonds are analyzed along with the different commercial strategies which used to involve the Andean space and that reveal the different options that the mercantile flows offered to the business sector.

Examples of applications include monitoring glacial advances and retreats. We described the geochemical characteristics of the river loads both qualitatively and quantitatively. As a result I note, on the one hand, little variability, and that which is present is concentrated at the latest site, indicating that this variation may represent a response to a specific hunter-gatherer situation.


Even though uranium is present in minor quantities in several high-to-moderate-temperature environments, the bulk of uranium present in the cycle is believed to precipitate in the subepithermal environment. It is suggested that pwra inconsistencies within these complexes might normzs related to differential shortening. Para ello toma como elemento central decisiones judiciales que efectuaron control constitucional en cuatro temas que sirven de hilos conductores: The Madeira river is the main Southern tributary of the Amazon, and the second Andean tributary of the drainage basin.


It is concluded that the documented disappearance of the glacier on the Cotacahi serves as an urgent call for action to the important dearth of social research related to global change from the ethnoecological perspective, with a cultural, local approach. We interpret the rotation pattern along the southern Peru and north Chile forearc as a result of strong late Eocene- late Oligocene oroclinal bending of the Central Andes associated with shortening gradients along the Eastern Cordillera associated both with the Abancay deflection and the Arica bend.

El balance positivo del glaciar Echaurren Norte contrasta con el retroceso generalizado en otros glaciares de Chile central.

The sedimentation developed above the boundary of the SW edge of the Eastern basin, and the Cusco-Puno Swell which had locale horst and grabens inherited from pre-neocomian relief. The morphological differences with the geographically closest species of the subgenus are also presented and discussed. En los Andeslos derechos de agua se materializan en procesos de lucha social. Two visualization methods were combined to produce this image: Special attention was paid to the institutional context and the everyday life conditions in which the social construction.

Laguna Mellquina, Andes Mountains, Argentina. Transboundary protected area proposals along the Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina: In this paper we: We studied the importance of functional feeding groups of aquatic invertebrates and the relative contribution of terrestrial and aquatic prey items in order to assess the pathways connecting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems along a stream food web.

The facies recognized are organized in a vertical sequence:


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