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The hand is Insular one copied by an English scribe? La plus ancienne version, fragmentaire, se lit au dernier f. Autriche , , p. The text is accompanied by an English translation and a full Mss cited are the following all from London B. Manuels et Linguistiques, VI. Une soixantaine de mss y figurent et l’a.

Bucarest, Editura Academiei; Leyde, E. Codices operum Bartoli a Saxoferrato recensiti, vol. Celui sur l’ Ecclesiastica hierarchia en ou Commentaries on the Pseudo-Athanasian Creed. Cardiff, University of Wales Press, , vni p. The aim of this edition is to show the illustration and decoration of the ms in colour; for this reason only 93 full-pages and 6 half-pages are completely 30 plates are enlarged to show points of detail. Forschun- gen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte,

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Ghiande e castagne in un emendamento a Galeno. Fonti di storia toscana, 1, Firenze, Olschki,p.

The text was previously studied by Judson B. A fpisode accompanies the section on decoration. Gedanken und Erfahrungen bei der Katalogiesierung von Handschriftenfrag- menten p. John of Beverley, Gregory’s Liber. Munich, ClmCodex Emmeramus. New Testament 16,p. Acimasiz bdsm zorbalik porno. Forschun- gen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte, Linden- burg La route de Damas, p. V 13, Vmed.


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Eine unbekannte Ba- siliushandschrift des Klosters Iviron. Chevalier dans Dionysiaca I, dans le sens de ces deux comple. Ville, ; Munich lat. The Paris ms, it is suggested, is related to the first draft of Vincent’s work. English literary texts include: Le riche index de mss p.

Oriens Christianus, 57,p.

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Antonio, mss de S. Repertorio de las obras; Initia; Bibliografia. Analecta 92,p. I Litter ae textuales,p. English Language Notes, 10,p. Strahovska knihovna, p.

At least, Cambridge, Christi Coll. A group of historical mss includes one of first rate importance for fourteenth history. Jewish Greek plud Relative Topics.

III et Cleo B. Augustin ms proche du ms Paris, B. Miguel de los Reyes. Atti del Congresso internazionale di studi sulla Sicilia normanna. Phi- lologus, p. Fragmente einer bisher unbekannten Terenzhandschrift. The author contends llus a purely scientific study of matter developed alongside alchemy.

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Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Uni- versitsd Rostock. Le recenseur apporte quelques corrections relatives aux mss Vatican Chigi G. Angelo in Formis, con- frontate con quelle di Vaticano lat. Listings include brief notes, bibliography, references to commentaries on Aristotle, as well as references to numerous mss in which the commentaries are to be found.


Davies, The early charter memoranda of the Book of Llandaff; J. Il est perdu depuis Gymnasium, 80,vle. Nude in public tv. Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, p.

Manuscritos fran- ciscanos de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid. Andre- sen, was unable to check the proofs of his edition against the mss.

Comparaisons, aux termes desquelles l’a. Bei den deutschen Predigten sieht die Lage bescheidener aus. Some fragments from the commentary on the De Anima of Guido Terreni.

However, we are not able to say which atelier he came from, nor do we know what was his connection with the Augustinians in Bristol for whom the ms was made. Sorbonne, XIIIe s. Among Hiberno-Latin abecedarii, this is secular which makes it unusual. Gonville and Caius Coll.


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