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For instance, Akanni and Abeni are victorious at the end of the film, Abeni. Constraints The following problems have been identified as constituting a stumbling block to police investigations and prosecution of bank fraud: When you marry someone outside of the industry, it is a beautiful thing because it is like this; when you are quiet and you marry someone who is quiet, your life becomes boring and same goes for when both of you are noisy; your life becomes a noisy affair. Specifically, the Police in the area of investigation and prosecution of bank fraud 10 have made enormous contribution. Return to Table of Contents. Mallhouse Press at But some Nigerian movie producers had also adopted cross-cultural or continental casting as another step to extend the movie environment beyond the shores of Nigeria. Okechukwu is repeated severally in the subtitling.

A Critical Source Book. When you pumped a lot of millions into a movie, you should expect to make a lot of millions especially when the movie was well shot and well edited. Yoruba film industry has also engaged in evangelical genres. Secondly, in the investigation and prosecution of bank fraud cases by the police, the bank officials should assist the police by providing the necessary logistics to the police. Suggestions In view of the above findings, the paper is suggesting that: This attempt to translate the content of a movie within the domestic culture of the viewer is what Venuti , terms domestication of foreign linguistic frames. Been a sport person and someone who knows Christ, how do you cope with the opposite sex? The same rule applies to the writing of Okechukwu where the o starts with a smaller letter for a name.

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History naturally emerges as a major site for cultural contestation as the sense of history of a people shapes their sense of accomplishment and self-esteem Okunoye These are errors due to poor knowledge of application of grammatical or linguistic rules. It is based on this understanding that the management of Obafemi Awolowo University O. Born and bred in Nigerian but I moved to England when I was 9 years old.


Journal of African History, Vol. Sesan 11 comments on the significance of television on the development of Yoruba theatre and film. It should be noted that the investigation of computer fraud requires the co-operation of everyone, namely, the police investigator, a computer expert, an electronic processing auditor and the prosecutor.

The attitude and reaction of the Yoruba film audience vary based on the variables of cultural orientation; educational status and residency home or diaspora. Investigation and Prosecution of Bank Fraud Cases Obviously, where bank fraud occurs in the banking industry, it is the duty of the police to investigate and prosecute all those connected with the offence so committed. Both teams I love very much. The first thing is to have a name. Significance of Study This study is significant as another contribution to the study on the pragmatics of movie subtitling in English in contemporary film.

Beyond that however, it is empowering thousands of Nigerian graduates and school leavers. Muka Ray, the whole Muka Ray family, they are my crew, we love working together. Similar to this is the proliferation of theatre associations. Based on such application, orders are routinely and freely issued ex parte by magistrates without taking into consideration the rights of the customer.

With this development, the categorization of Yoruba film audience becomes more problematic because it is no more really necessary where an individual audience lives to access and assess Yoruba films. Location of Yoruba film audience can be categorised into two: We cannot just release Arinzo in Idunmota market for now.

The dearth of infrastructures in the police formation is a major setback in the investigation and prosecution of bank fraud cases by the police.

It is however appalling to see the negative attitudes of most of these urban residents towards Yoruba films. Research Ruty and Methodology Data for this analysis were based on content analyzed Nigerian movies. Have you participated in any major ffull so far?

In other words, it refers to that practice that is against the rules and regulations or is forbidden by law. It is what she says now that matters to me.


Firstly, the violation duy private right of the party concerned under the constitution. Furthermore, the applicant must present before the court sufficient materials by way of affidavit and relevant exhibits.

However, audiences watching other language movies would benefit from subtitles if care is taken to write out what is to be subtitled before typing on the screen, make necessary corrections where they occur and as much as possible ensure clarity of all written expressions. She had to learn horse-riding and sword-fighting for portraying her dutyy in this film.

This is taking the movie to the language — learning realm beyond the entertainment scope crafted for it.

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It has created a platform for me to launch myself and has made fjll famous. The off-shore Yoruba film audience have access to these films through the facilities of the internet, particularly Youtube and Irokotv with Ibakatv; and the nefarious activities of some individuals.

It is pertinent to point out, however, that the element of intuition and of inspiration of the investigator will greatly add to the extent of success of the investigation since the fuull would be required to go through numerous articles and or document that will have to be used. Who is your mum in the movie industry?

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The variation in the attitude and reaction of Yoruba film audience is informed by perception, preference and taste owing to exposure and experience. Shooting locations include Bolpur and Kolkata.

Conclusion Subtitling should be seen by every movie producer as another way to reinforce the message of the movie, this time as an instructional medium.


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