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Unsinn wie dieser Satz: And I am not one for tears. Cornelia Funke is a multiple award-winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers. Only the last pages really pulled me in again like the previous books did and convinced me that Cornelia Funke still hasn’t lost her talent to enchant you with her words and world building. They almost brought me to tears. With all my heart! Of course Funke has her own writing style. I don’t want to spoil anything since the book isn’t out yet in the US.

An immortal who had grown to actually love only to get her supposedly non-existing heart broken? All the horror stories the priest had ever told came rushing back. We meet new characters and old acquaintances. May 05, Abril G. Jacob and Fox are swept up into so many different tasks and treasure hunts; Jacob’s brother Will once again follows him through the mirror to search for a remedy for Clara as something has been done to her – something not of our world. That’s what I’m feeling, and more.

Mirrorworld Chapter 1: Demonic Influence, a fullmetal alchemist fanfic | FanFiction

I have read the series twice now, which is a pretty good idea before reading the third book. Her world-building is marvelous, her characters are just wonderful.

I usually hate when love mierorworld are included but here I was really rooting for them. You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it. Trivia About The Golden Yarn Existen tres libros publicados: Which she did but I don’t think she actually enjoyed the prosepct of being who she had been before meeting Kami’en.


When weries read and read and the remaining pages diminish, you are devastated, because you only have about pages left! I was looking forward to this book for quite some time.

Mirrorworld Series

His hand was now on the right side of Edward’s chest, where he could feel the unmistakable evidence of a heart. Sfries the German had taken two steps, Edward was on top of him. Also, I wanted the situation with her and all her sisters to stay the same because I’m afraid all the magic will completely fade away now. Black and White Same thing with my leg.

Jacob and Fox are swept up into so mirgorworld different tasks and treasure hunts; Jacob’s brother Will once again follows him through the mirror to “The Golden Yarn She reads this like a chirpy, bored English school girl.

In books like hers, there are wheels within wheels and worlds within worlds and secrets you will never uncover, 4. Edward was telling the truth, he realized.

heeartless I wish we had seen more of the Baba Yaga as I found the bit about her quite interesting. Not the Erlelfen although they and their powers are pretty amazing.

The Golden Yarn

I like the Mirror Mirrorwirld books. Jacob Reckless continues to travel the portal in his father’s abandoned study. It is such a great world Funke built up in the Reckless series.

All the old characters are in this book as well as plenty of new ones. La magia e le antiche credenze diventano fondamentali per capire come affrontare il nuovo nemico. Ansonsten mag ich Jacob und Fuchs einfach sehr!


Author Cornelia Funke Launches Own Publishing Company

She’s an imaginative and original voice. The skin was still warm, he could feel slight movement when Edward breathed, but there was no heartbeat.

And what the fuck will Will do about Clara – or has he forgotten her already, being as despicable as his father? I feel like this series keeps getting better and better.

Ich hasse das Liebesdreieck. The characters are my precious children of stab and bad decisions and tragedy. This time we’re crossing into unknown territory so there is even a map at the beginning of the book or maybe the publisher only included it because it’s fashionable now.

View all 5 comments. Always the obsession with dividing a story, what could be done in one or two books, into seven…Ok, ok, I hear you. Also, I think, he’s the one bridging the story to book 4 and its’ setting the Mirrorworld version of Canada, I think. All he knew was that strong fingers clamped around his wrist, and then- It took him several moments to realize that nothing terrible had happened yet.


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