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Looking forward to the sub. Megazone 23, parts 2 was the best Dominion: I thought it was just a bad upload or something, but I guess it wasn’t. I didn’t suggest that because it’s still being released. Here, I’ll even provide one for you which I use extensively:. Alto dying, I won’t believe it until I see his body in space.

I think he had ear holes before when he was in acting with Kabuto acting that his father wanted him to do. Plot didn’t seem to move as far as I’d hoped mainly seemed like a battle episode, with some exposition on Sheryl’s arc in the first part , but the next couple episodes look like they’ll move things along a bit more. How can you find kodocha English dub? Hopefully the series will explore the way down from the top a bit more other than this brief taste. I did but for some reason unlike everyone my video was perfect. It seems that both Japanese parties that own macross and Harmony Gold still have … disputes.

Battle 25 is awesome, First time to see a NMC fire its Macross Cannon in cruiser mode, and its been modified into sort of fold related cannon. It was also refreshing to have the serious focus on mactoss some of the minor characters. Do not ask when an episode will be aired or released this includes fansubs.

And that’s why I find most Anime streaming website to be shady. I blame my Drontier. I would’ve loved an AltoxMicheal ending, but that didn’t turn out too well. You can post now and register later. Having him live would be way too cliche.


Some nice eye candy in this episode. It was a loong kiss Sheryl: I welcome you fellow to hating Ranka Seeing it on the big screen probably added to that electrifying effect.

How to find Macross Frontier Episode 14 English Subtitle ?

I’m pretty sure it was implied that its something she actually needs. We will provide download locations for you. Is there going to be a season 2 of macross frontier? Then they moded her somehow, not clear that the pill is poison. Please use spoiler tags 1 the first hours after an episode airs.

Videos found on this website are not hosted by Otaku-streamers nor is Otaku-streamers affiliated with the video content in any way. So assuming he can remote control his own vf without having a direct link Do you remember love?

I unfortuntely don’t know about the manga – if and i hope it’s Ranka he goes with but I’m not quite sure. I am sure I saw it blow off! I officially hate Ranka now This thread s is about current episodes only. So many awesome things in this episode, Mao, Battle 25, super not new intro, Grace gets macross bitchier Choose a video to embed.

It’s really, really weird. Not yet but it should come out on November 21, in Japan.


Nope, Battle 7 never did that, definately hot! First to the starting gate.

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Please remember, such a good woman like this, is quite rare. Anime is a hobby I cannot afforded After reading, building a eoisode collection, video games, and joy driving, I have little money left overso which one is better Keeping in mind frontire OVA isn’t finished yet, if I remember.

All video content is hosted by third party media websites such as veoh. Somehow he is going to do something but I don’t know at this point. BBCode Modified by avrc, Sep 20, Split and merge into it. Go To Topic Listing. I sound so cruel. Haha, a shot at Code Geass. I loled a little when Brera shot Alto. Movies and TV Series. I did but for some reason unlike everyone my video was perfect. What are you doing here? BBCode Modified by pendragon, Sep 18, Leon would make sure she would be slaughter.

Here come the Vajra. The False Songstr … ess.


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