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I guess she didn’t think that she should eat it herself. That of vomit or sick feeling. Wallpaper images are usually copyrighted as many other digital images found on the Internet. I have a little brother that I adore, and I really don’t know what I would do in her situation. Knew Oojuma wasnt hurt but holy crap Chistao had a mental meltdown cant really blame her, seeing the same thing that happen to your younger brother happen to some you love and care for had to be very shocking, seeing how she didnt let go of him the whole time, whole scene in the bathroom, where Oojima finally had enough of Chisato treating him as a replament was really sad and that slap The series is definitely starting to stand out from other VN adaptations; I’m guessing the original is also worth looking at.

If Rena was in this series, she would want take Hanyuu Michiru home. FAQ A wallpaper or background also known as a desktop wallpaper, desktop background, desktop picture or desktop image on computers is a digital image photo, drawing etc. They actually put weight on the plot rather than using it as a setting to unleash a harem bonanza. LOL Teachers, Teachers are there to teach nothing else, the entire school is ran by students. She’s stuck in the past, and trying to amend what she did, which has led her to this unstable state. Btw can they actually finish this in 3 episodes? They are bringing things full circle.

Bakojima sure is hulk to rip his shirt off like that. Our now chocolate-refusing protagonist Yuuki follows the president by the way, I wonder when he’ll open his eyes I hope that by the end, those two epiisode happy together. A really interesting episode, can’t wait until next ep to find out more.


With the spoiler climax. This anime is getting better and betteri really love it now ROFL. This is like some presidential scandal shit going on, involving the CIA and the secret service.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate episode 10

I feel really sorry for Chisato though, I really like her. I can’t wait to see more of this arc.

The story behind the girl at the piad of episode 1 has finally been explained. Didn’t see that coming. Our team has been notified.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Wallpaper

I guess she didn’t think that she should eat it herself. Our cute, mysterious, cat-loving, harmonica-playing, weird colour-seeing and panty-flashing Morishita is one of the ruthless spies.

On a computer it is usually for the desktop, while on a mobile phone it is usually the background for the ‘home’ or ‘idle’ screen. Tensho Forum Moderator Offline Joined: Looking for the best Koi senkyk Senkyo to Chocolate Wallpaper? Too much happening in one episode, my god Fun fact, when he goes back for her and makes up with her, they start the H scene with her holding the chocolate in her mouth and the MP biting the chocolate.

They are there but not as in the VN’s order less I am wrong in that. Despite Michiru being quite fan service amazing in the spoiler. It’s time to see what happened to Kana now.

Seriously, what kind of school chocolaye this? Can they pull off the mixture? Satsuki acting in panic A pretty crazy episode, a lot happened too.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 10 Discussion – Forums –

They mixed sebkyo Chisato insanity with Michiru’s arc elements kind of. Haven’t played the VN but I’m guessing the series is covering oki good deal of content for Chisato and Shinonome. It will make loads shit in their pants if they do it right. Nice boat – need I say more? Michiru can play a Harp who knew, new found respect for that one and are we finally getting back to where this whole show started off with Kana being hit, seem like they’re still treachery in politics from minor to grand.


Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 10

Bakojima sure is hulk to rescue a damsel in distress held hostage from knife point and still make it to the election to be elected President. Oh that’s good to hear. They actually put weight on the plot rather than using it as a setting to unleash a harem bonanza.

Btw can they actually finish this in 3 episodes? And this is why kids, we should never date woman who treat us like Gods. I’m starting to draw the link between the events at the start of Koichoco and all this election business after they introduced Kana. I’ve always thought that she was allergic to chocolate or something I’m really looking forward to the last two episodes, and I really hope that Chisato and Yuuki have a happy end.


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