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And take it as a gift from us because this is the first time you come to our store. Flight HS13 When her husband’s plane crashes killing all onboard Liv is devastated. Answer me like a man! If you hear anything from Mahir let me know right away do you understand? I am so sorry to bother you that late but it is very important … how can I reach Mahir? Do you know my sister cooks much better than me?

And take it as a gift from us because this is the first time you come to our store. Necdet to Ayten in the hospital: What are you going to show me Yasin?.. Nurses The story of four nurses in an action packed and emotionally-charged medical drama. I am not lying I love Songul to death.. I don’t know where he is and what he’s doing and I don’t want to know. Mahir-Yasin in the car:

Mahir, where are you sending him? How could you not have a problem with anyone? Go and ask him! If our ending was not destined to be happy, then why did you bring us together? I will talk to the clerk, but it’s not safe for you to stay in here. You think you can get close to his family, and then he will be close to you. Maybe he is in the casino! Elif Massive ratings winner about a good-hearted little girl who becomes a pawn in family rivalries. How could I not worry, how?

Snowdrop Two step-sisters entrenched in a bitter sibling rivalry push each other over the edge — literally — in this emotional family drama adapted from the Korean success Ice Adonis.


I left my brother! Tell the maid to bring the coffee to my room. What if he knows where his brother is? Insider Sarp and Mert are on kardaayi sides of the law, both working undercover to reveal the other’s identity.

I am late, am going. Dreaming of You A sweet young man, dedicated to his work and those pomo he holds dear has only karacayi thing missing from his life: I called but the line was busy this is way I am here. Then tell Songul that she must not leave the phone for one minute. Let’s wait and see which jail he will be sent to and we will see which guy of ours is working there.

Karadayi – Episode 54 – 26th February 2014

I will never let go of this … I will know him Ayten!! I learned from the commission that you made the complaint.

See our usage guide for more details on embedding. She won’t, if she wanted to do kwradayi like that she, would’ve done it yesterday. Why did you get into our store?? He’s planning something behind my brother’s back. I want to know what happened after they found miss judge because the news says nothing about this.

But I know after I talked to you yesterday you didn’t come back to the shop. Your burden is mine. As it seems, he already accepted the charges onto smuggling weapons, now he’s being delivered to the court. Stiletto Vendetta Four beautiful, successful women – childhood friends that are brought back together as adults – have old scores to settle, and new rivalries set to develop, in this hit series from Ay Yapim.


He did not come back home yesterday. Ezel The global phenomenon that tells the tale of a man who is set up and tries to work out why those he loved turned against him. What if he knows what his brother knows?

Karadayi – Series – Eccho Rights

What is that you want from me? Necdet knew from the doctor that Ayten got raped. Don’t say my sister’s name. We’ll drink some, won’t we? Pormo does your brother want from me?

Karadayi – Episode 60 Full – Urdu1 Drama -6 March – video dailymotion

I don’t even understand them, Mahperi. Brother, can you see how he’s rude ,standing and talking like this!! Winter Sun Mistaken identity, murder, betrayal and rekindled love set the tone in this dramatic new Endemol Shine Turkey production. It’s all a hoax isn’t it??

What is your goal? What are you going to show me Yasin?.


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