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Even Shanthi too insists her to go with him. Best Tamil Matrimony in tamilnadu visit: Changing channels, watching movies – i can do this all day! I dint bother watching it then. The story revolves around Shalini, a school teacher, and Abhay, a journalist. And even some times, he looks as a small kid. The Sand castle created by Abhay and Shalini is washed away by a big wave.

Abhay tries to convince Shalini to accept the proposal of the trip, but Shalini looks bit hesitant. Parvathi tells Shalini that they could not afford to gift her a much costly saree than this and apologizes to her. Click here to login. Abhay’s grandfather tries to pacify her by saying he went for honeymoon, not war. The most dedicated , determined actor ever seen!!! Just then Abhay wakes up and tells Shalini that he could feel her missing even though when he is asleep. Shalini asks him to light some camphor for the God, but he insists that he will do a rolling namaskara around the temple premises. This irritates Shanthi and makes her angry.

She ask him jkthe do such a difficult ritual, but Abhay does not agree with her. When asked, Shalini tells that she added water to the milk.

My Favorite Hero: My favorite hero – Karthik S Kumar

Shalini tells Abhay that, she tries however hard he still appears like a small boy and she is not able to consider him as her husband. Shalini’s mother takes Vaishnavi to an orphanage. More Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli. He then leaves the place. Jothe Jotheyalli – Episode 18 – November 15, https: When Shalini’s younger sister asks her mother for money to pay her college fees, she in turn request Shalini’s father to support their family by doing some earnings.


Jothe Jotheyalli

This irritates Shanthi further. Overview Jothe Jotheyalli is a Kannada romantic drama television series. Abhay consoles her that it is just made of sand on a sea shore, how can it be a permanent one. There was one scene where he made monkey faces – thats it!! Upset by this, Abhay follows the auto-rickshaw and requests the driver to stop and allow his wife to come with him.

Looking at sunset, Shalini interprets it as everybody in the world has to die one or the other day.

He asks her not worry about the money as they have come out for the first time in their life. Vetri Matrimony January 27, at 9: Rab ka saaya hamesha uss par bani rahe!!

This makes Shalini sad and upset, as if their dream has washed away. While going, he shocked to notice Shalini who is sweeping near entrance of the temple.

She says that her mother had decided to send Shalini to this temple after her marriage. Eagerly waiting for that moment of your’s Karthik sir I dint bother watching it then. It gives an immense pleasure to be a fan of Karu: When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.

But, at the same time, Shalini comes there with the juices for them. Abhay prays to Lord Krishna to keep his and Shalini’s relation eternal. Parvathi tells Shalini that they could not afford to gift her a much costly saree than this and apologizes to her. He further tells that he can’t live without her. Ranjit thinks for a while and then tells Abhay that he can’t come with him. Shalini’s mother gets a call from Abhay’s mother and blames her, for not treating Abhay properly at their home.


After the lady epsode asks Abhay to take care of Shalini well, he decides to offer Seva to the God.

Will Abhay give up or continue in his efforts to win her love? I madly fell in love with him, for that innocence, for that cuteness!! These words makes Shalini sad and dejected. Then they both go to watch the sunset. Abhay tries to convince Shalini to accept the proposal of the trip, but Shalini looks bit hesitant.

Karthik S Kumar – born to succeed in his life Abhay leaves Shalini and goes out saying he will come back with a small surprise. He is such an amazing actor. She talks to herself and apologizes him joheyalli not being able to a wife for him, and by his goodness and sacrifice she is feeling small jotheyallli by day.

Abhay agrees to her and tells her the, he wants stay close to her like this. When they both leave, Shanti prays that, let her son be as her son when they return from the trip. This makes her further angry, and she throws the sari to the floor, which makes everyone shocked.


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