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Watch this full of laughter episode to know more. After all this, as Manasi Naik arrives, Bhalchandra’s father, who is actualy dead comes out from the photo and starts dancing. The episode starts with Nilesh Sable singing a beautiful song. Chinmaye Mandlekar, who is playing a wonderful role in the play tells about his working in the play. The episode begins with Manasi Naik, Kushal, Priyadarshan and Bhalchandra dancing hilariously on the show. Watch the entire episode to enjoy more.

He starts welcoming all the guests, including Mrinal Kulkarni, Prasad Oak and others. Watch this special episode to know more. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. He continues his conversation with Sachin Pilgavkar and other actors of the film. Kushal also enters but he also gets a Casino wheel with him. In this episode, host Nilesh Sable continues his interesting chat with the entire team of Vyakti Ani Valli.

The actors come to promote their new Drama, called Naandi, where they are playing women characters. Later, the host do some funny chat with the entire cast of this drama. Meanwhile, Bharat Ganeshpure as the Sarpanch of the village, comes in having a mike stand along with him. After this, Sagar gives a surprise to Sanjay Jadhav and makes him feel good.

Watch this entire episode to know more. Nana Patekar shares his experience playing the character of Dr. Meanwhile, Bharat Ganeshpure enters into the scene as Aadesh Vandekar and makes the guests play a fantastic game.

The episode starts episodde host, Nilesh Sable singing a beautiful song. Later, Nilesh invites the entire team of Lagnabambaal, which is very famous comedy drama.

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Honaar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi Episode – December 23, – video dailymotion

All the four fantastic actors share their life time experiences with the audiences and the host. Chinmaye Mandlekar, who is playing a wonderful role in the homar tells about his working in the play. The episode starts with Tushar asking for a salted biscuit from Bhalchandra Kadam. Nilesh Sable to the show.


Honaar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi Episode 146 – December 26, 2013

The episode starts with the star cast of the play, Nandi singing a beautiful song. Host also invites few other team members like, Veena Jamkar and others. Bharat’s mimicry act cracks up everyone in a fit of laughter. He also invites various actors to the show, Ramesh Bhatkar, Usha Nadkarni and many more actors. Meanwhile, Sagar Karande disguised as a ohnar enters and makes Pankaj dance with her.

Where the team share their movie experiences with the audience. After this, other gharxhi casts of the film also come to the show, Mahesh Kothare and Suchitra Bandekar. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

He greets them with one bokay only. The show also brings in guests in the form of celebrities across various films and theatre.

At first, he calls the most talented actress cum director, Manva Naik on the set. With Bharat’s hilarious performance everyone starts rolling with honat. In this episode, the guest Adarsh Shinde begins the show by singing a wonderful song.

In this episode, host Nilesh Sable speaks about the after marriage problems.

Overview Chala Hawa Yeu Dya is a comedy entertainment show. The episode starts with Bharat welcoming everyone to the show, instead of the actual host Nilesh Sable.

Watch this funny skn to know more. Watch this laughter riot epissode the badshahs of comedy every Mon – Tue at Watch this special hilarious episode to know more. Later, Nilesh invites the whole team of a new Marathi film, Rama Madhav. Later, with Bharat Ganeshpure’s hilarious speech, the show gets more entertaining. Watch this entire full of humor episode to know more.


Host also invites Pooja Sawant and shares her experience working with Sachin Pilgavkar in the film. Watch the entire episode to enjoy more. Prakash Rao Amte in the film. With her wonderful comical act, the guests and the audience get more thrilled with laughter. He invites the entire team of a new upcoming Marathi film, Pyaar Wali Love story. A chapatti making competition is also held.

They share their experience of working in the film with the host and the audience. Watch this humorous episode to know more. Manasi denies that she has text Kushal a message regarding their marriage. Meanwhile, Kushal as a funny cameraman enters and starts taking pictures in hilarious way. Meanwhile, Priyadarshan, who is actually not alive tells Bhalchandra about Kushal’s marriage. With Bharat’s exclusive hilarious entry, everyone gets thrilled with laughter.

After sometime, Bhalchandra starts to show his hilarious musical talent with Kushal and put buckets of laughter into the show.


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