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A local hunter tells Jong-goo that he saw the near-naked stranger eating a deer, with glowing red eyes. Infuriated, he destroys the stranger’s worship room and kills the dog when it attacks him, ordering the stranger to leave the village. Use the HTML below. In the Christian faith, all types of super natural act are considered acts of the devil miracles performed by Jesus notwithstanding. In Italy, dubbing foreign films is standard; in Japan, subtit Don’t worry about a live-action ‘Your Name. Add the first question. He is too shocked to say anything to the others.

Kunimura picked up an Asian Film Award nomination for his quietly inscrutable performance in the film, and his presence makes a refreshing change from the usual practice of casting Korean actors with lousy linguistic chops in Japanese-speaking roles. Jun Kunimura as Japanese stranger, the demon that haunts the village. After being photographed by the stranger, the deacon witnesses the stranger evolving into a demon. Jang Young-gyu Dalpalan [1]. It would be interesting to know what the elevator pitch was for this long, messy and genuinely thrilling film. As the guardian of the village, she didn’t really do much.

Bad things happen and we think they’re the devil’s acts.

This was a movie with a Christian flair that has a few Biblical references the stone casting by the young mysterious lady, the 3 rooster calling at the end of the film. Through a failed medical experiment, a priest is stricken with vampirism and is forced to abandon his ascetic ways. Jong-Goo decides to movke the stranger along with his partner and a young priest who speaks Japanese. Overall, this movie is about the devil fishing for human’s soul.

The moth attack on his car was not the goksdong of the devil but the act of God.


But could the outbreak of craziness also be connected with a mysterious young woman Chun Woo-hee who koreaj up at one of the crime scenes to give Jong-gu some tantalizing clues, only to mysteriously disappear? He enlists the help of another police officer, and a Japanese-speaking deacon to serve as an interpreter, and they investigate the stranger’s house while he is away.

She was always following the Japanese man. Distraught about Hyo-jin’s condition, Jong-goo’s mother-in-law seeks help from a shamanIl-gwang.

This Week’s Top Trailers. I like your point of view about the white girl and it makes sense.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Edit Did You Know? Kwon Myung-joo Chang-gyu Kil Soon, Hyo-jin becomes sick and displays similar symptoms as the other infected villagers. A local hunter tells Jong-goo that he saw the near-naked stranger eating gokseng deer, with glowing red eyes. If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Here is an average joe that really couldn’t do anything right.

She requests Jong-goo to believe her, telling him she had set a trap for the demon, but the trap will not work if Jong-goo goes back to his house. I was too confused while watching the movie to appreciate it. Retrieved July 31, For those mpvie said the girl was jesus, has anyone noticed that the old man talking to the priest at gokeeong end in the cave revealing himself to be a devil, he had a coin sized hole in his palm like those on jesus hands.

A mysterious disease starts spreading among the villagers, causing a rash which precedes gokseonf murderous outbreaks followed by stupor and eventually death.


‘The Wailing’: Spine-chilling in every possible way

Thanks for your answer! He calls Jong-goo, telling him that Moo-myeong is the real demon. The young mysterious lady was a God like goksepng.

Reverse that, if you don’t believe there is God, then there is no God. Gokseong is directed by Hong-jin Na who previously have made very fine movies like yellow sea and chaser. Kwak Do-won as Jong-goo, police man and father of Hyo-Jin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Hong-jin Na screenplay byHong-jin Na.

Jong-goo is unsettled, as he has had dreams about this stranger, which the hunter had described to him. A Japanese man has recently arrived at a little village in the mountains of South Korealiving in a secluded house. Keep in mind that the characters are allegorical, but not strictly so, which makes for a richer or more muddled, depending on your point of view variety of interpretations.

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None of those he possessed died right away. Again koeran Ace pointed out, the rituals that the Shaman and the Japanese man were doing were not related. Il-gwang suspects they killed the wrong person; he later encounters Moo-myeong, and starts vomiting blood.

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