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Jea, Miryo, Ga-in; and T-ara: Highlights include Yejin jealously requesting no future female guests are invited, Hyori hoping the men treat her more as a feminine ‘baby’, and Jongshin wanting to be in more CFs like Chunhee. As the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River. Highlights include Jongkook and Hyori showing displeasure with being ranked last place. Meanwhile, the other Family members harvest gastrodia tubers from the field, featuring an impromptu concert encore performance from Jongkook. Returning to the house, the Family recall their memories and bestow best wishes for the homeowners via audio recording.

Arriving at the barn, the Family herd cattle and spread sawdust. During breakfast preparation, Chunhee directs Joon-gi around, to the latter’s dismay, but successfully cook a delicious menu of kimchi soup and roasted beef. Soyool Village, Yeosu , South Jeolla. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home. Seo In-young Jewelry , Park Jin-young. Gathering at the village, the Family admire Yejin’s new perm and welcome Joon-gi. Taking on their first assigned task, the Family board a boat to go octopus fishing, cooking ramen during the ride.

After breakfast, the Family vietsbu the cows and head to an outdoor stage to perform for the village. Following an encore performance, the Family outimg wishes by the audience, including a slow-dance with Jaesuk; aegyo demonstrations by Jongshin, Sooro, and Jongkook; and trot acts from Daesung and Yoona.

During the water-based running race, Hyori’s team loses decisively to Yejin’s, leading to the introduction of the “Hyori Effect”. The Family split into two teams, with one feeding and vaccinating piglets while the other harvesting melons from the green house.

List of Family Outing episodes – Wikipedia

After a catfish song, the Family head to a mud field to play the palm pushing game before heading home to welcome back the homeowners. As the Family re-gather, they play an ice-block carrying game, with the men performing ridiculous demonstrations of strength to earn Yoona’s pick, including Jongshin breaking an ice-block with his head. In the morning, the wake-up mission involves throwing a tennis ball at a Velcro bulls-eye target worn by Jaesuk; Jongshin, Jaesuk and TOP are held responsible for breakfast.

Gombaeleong, InjeGangwon.

Episode 29 returns to Jang Hyuk’s guest appearance, with pe Family begrudgingly waking before sunset to welcome the new year,with their resolutions and expectations on the beach as the sun rises. After dinner, the Family wrap Christmas presents for the local village children, who are introduced with self-portraits.

Retrieved 16 September Sungsoo burns the rice but is much better preparing the seafood. Returning home, the Family forms subgroups for dinner preparations.

Following dinner, the Family enjoy a game of guessing each other’s pet puting, weaknesses, and other habits worthy of laughter.


At the village house, Henney helps to wash rice, reenacting a scene from the movie Ghost with Hyori. However, due to the poor wind conditions, some of the members were unable to do the jump. By early afternoon, the trio of cooks finally complete their loach stew, featuring a wide assortment of random ingredients.

Later, the Family visit a turkey farm to catch one for dinner, with Vietdub and Jaesuk displaying their usual hesitation while Hyuk and Chunhee chase down an escaped bird.

Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Dumber”, who gather vegetables while burdened with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Vietusb “snowy” stew seasoning.

Their first task is to take the boat and catch blue seasno crabs. The episode opens with the Family enthusiastically welcoming Jongkook as a new member, focusing on Hyori’s bashfulness as the “One Man” arrives to pair up with Daesung to form the “small-eyed brothers”.

Family outing song ji hyo eng sub ep 58 full

As the evening closes, sleep order rankings are determined with the members acting most innocently, featuring a hoppingly cute Yejin and dance performance from Taeyeon.

Dinner preparations include Hyori, Jongkook, and Sung-hoon going off to get vegetables and while at it, the two strong men play a series of games where the loser receives punishment.

The team who outkng with the longest amount viehsub time has to do the nighttime chores. Back on dry land, seasno Family form teams with an aegyo paper-rock-scissors battle to play an ‘airplane’ game with one member hold up another with his feet. After dinner, the Family form a circle to play the “Saranghae I Love Ojting Game” and end the evening with a ranking of Family members to determine the sleeping order.

To conclude the episode, the last scene filmed from two weeks later shows the Family writing, practicing, and recording a personalized Family Outing theme song. Two guests were featured to fill in for Dae-sung. After arriving at the house, the Family split into teams for fishing and soybean cooking duties.

[Vietsub][] Family Outing Ep (Guest: Song Ji Hyo)

All viettsub to a outiing shallow pond to catch fish with their hands, where Seungwon and Sooro compete to catch the most and Hyori guides and yells at Jongkook. After dinner, the Family play the Saranghae game, using kisses, rather than forehead slaps, as punishment for laughter. Following breakfast, the Family perform a morning wake-up dancing exercise before heading out into the mud fields to gather loaches.

Returning to land, Sooro arrives and the Family enjoy a “capture the flag” game, fighting in the snow; much foul play ensues, largely aimed at Jaesuk.

Highlights include Chunhee driving the forklift and Sooro’s Bruce Lee-style bag tearing. Here, Daesung and Chunhee select teams for the first game of the day: In the evening, the male Family members dress up as female idol groups and compete in a song contest with Hyori as the judge.


Jongshin soon becomes seasick and must lay down as the other members pull octopus from the bait and joke around with megaphones. Eventually, Jaesuk, Jongshin, Hyori, and Daesung are chosen for the chores and they go back on the boat for some more fishing.

The final sequence with Cha Tae-hyun revisits a surprise phone call from Gong Yoo to the Family while he is away during military training. Retrieved from ” https: The Family roast the clams and prepare a kimchi stew for dinner, then partake in an individual competition to roast open clams.

Hyori, Jong-Kook, Jongshin, and Hae-jin have helpful comments. The game also features an accidental slip afmily the tongue by Yejin that becomes the reoccurring catchphrase of the episode. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises a needle-threading vietsb, finally resulting in Rain and Chunhee tasked with breakfast duty. For breakfast, Hyori and Henney buy fresh snow crabs for steaming and stewing.

Han-sun accompanies Jaesuk and Daesung “Dumb and Dumber” in search of flatfish. The evening concludes with a play-acting break-up scene.

Surak Village, Sinan-gunSouth Jeolla. Highlights include Sooro the “Game Devil” carrying Hyori’s team to victory, Jongshin’s “old man” accordion music, and Yejin losing her sense of direction following the “elephant spin”. To determine sleep order rankings, the Family act out a piggyback date scene from Jungmin’s drama, featuring complaints of the men who must carry and endure Hyori’s body weight and a Konglish fight between Jaesuk and Hyori.

At the same time, the other Family members milk cows in the barn before seasin home as Hyori and Daesung help to finish breakfast preparations, making some ice cream along the way.

Compilation Ace Jihyo Running Man choco zan 7 months ago. The Family then move on to their first game, where the object is to race down and up a large pile of hay while carrying a basin of water.

Ihmegol Outinv, Nonsan, South Chungcheong. The Family visits an elementary school where they compete with the students in academic quizzes and outdoor athletics. Gathering at the village, the Family tease Jongkook for ignoring them while inviting Yoon Eun-hye to his concert and Hyori is intimidated by Wonhee’s presence.


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