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The Family then head to the beach to play a wrestling game between teams headed by Henney and Jongkook. Sunmi , Yeeun , Hyerim and Yubin. But it meant more to Daesung personally than professionally. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. The losing team does morning chores; Catching snow crabs. Although only Jongkook succeeds, he is assigned breakfast duty with Jungmin and Sooro while the other members return to bed. As the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River.

The episodes begin with Sooro making an appearance at a basketball game and Hyori and Chunhee attending Daesung’s musical. Jaesuk, Hyori, Jongshin and Yejin are tasked with night chores of dog feeding and night chores, but not before an impromptu dance session as the Family attempt to reproduce Dambi’s dances in the barn. The Bates family was previously featured on a TV series called United Bates of America, and it was announced in October that the family would return in a new series which would be called Bringing Up Bates. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home. The band then debuted in Japan a year later, on June 8,, with the EP, however, it was met with limited success – it peaked at the 95th position in the Japanese charts and experienced sluggish album sales. Later, the Family visit a turkey farm to catch one for dinner, with Daesung and Jaesuk displaying their usual hesitation while Hyuk and Chunhee chase down an escaped bird. Jongshin soon becomes seasick and must lay down as the other members pull octopus from the bait and joke around with megaphones.

The Family gather at the village, teasing Jongkook and Hyori over their movie “date” and Jongshin’s hair perm. The single went on to sell nearly 40, copies, the second single, BigBang Is V. Jaesuk, Hyori, Jongshin and Yejin are tasked with night chores of dog feeding and night chores, but not before an impromptu dance session as the Family attempt to reproduce Dambi’s dances in the barn.

The Family then move on to the fields to organize stacks of hay, but not before distracting themselves with another race game. On May 6,the sh Ultimately, Jongshin and Hyori prevail for first place victories.

Kim Min-joonJi Sang-ryeol jont 3]. Highlights include Jongshin’s massive heel spacers, repeated falls by Daesung, and Yejin almost performing the splits while being raised. For this episode, the rankings involve everyone competing to act the most despicably, while yet exhibiting charisma. Returning home, the Family forms subgroups for dinner preparations. Upon arriving, the “Family” was “tasked” to experience the county’s specialty—paragliding—atop Mt.

I think KJK looks great without any plastic work. Cha Tae-hyunJang Hyuk [nb 5]. November 22 — December 6, Contestants who passed the preliminary auditions appear in front of the three judges for the first time.


A list of Family Affair — episodes: After breakfast, the Family head to the fields to seed the soil, but not before playing a rolling race game. G-Dragon — Kwon Ji-yong, better known by his stage name G-Dragon, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and fashion icon.

The show became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian television, when it surpassed km episodes of Street Legal on October 19, Gasong Village, North Gyeongsang.

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The “Family” then accomplishes the tasks left for them by the owners of the house. When done with their tasks, the foursome wait for their boatride home by fighting over pieces of a lollipop.

For the last episodes of Season 1, previous members Lee Chun-hee and Park Ye-jin along with Park Si-yeon, who has been absent due to a back injury, return for a reunion. After catching a few fish in the ouing pond, Jaesuk is oppressed to perform menial labor as the youngest of the trio.


List of Family Outing episodes – WikiVisually

Much foul play ensues during the exhausting battles, including tossed shoes, mud being spread on opponents’ faces, and stepping on one another. Returning home, the Family cook dinner, as Yejin demonstrates her “savage” eyeball-popping fish preparation ways, contrasting against Jaesuk’s cowardice.

To determine sleep order rankings, the Family perform a costume fashion show, featuring Daesung’s cross-dressing, Sooro and Jongshin as Boys Over Flowers characters, and Jaesuk’s dripping and hairy nose, with the three last-ranked men delegated to sleep in the unheated living room.

Highlights include Jongshin invoking his newborn son, Chunhee bribing with aloe leaves, and Yejin falling to the ground in tears.

Highlights include Hyori teasing Jongkook about their blossomoning love-line, with Jongkook’s refusal, and Jongshin pledging to pay back his loans and wishes outlng the invention of a ‘fountain of youth’ pill.

While in the forest, Sooro choreographs some dance numbers and an action scene, with Joon-gi playing assassin to Chunhee the prince. The trio reunited and subsequently formed JYJ, the same year, he took the role of Wolfgang in his debut musical Mozart. Highlights include Jongshin drooling on Jaesuk, Jungmin making face-to-face contact with Chunhee, and Jaesuk spitting water on Sooro.

At the house, TOP overcomes some apprehensiveness to assist Himetown in the angler fish preparation before he, Hyori, and Chunhee depart to the market for dinner ingredients, buying six steamed buns along the way. Heartland airs in Canada on CBC at 7 pm 7: On the way to the beach, Sooro jokes about his fan boards.

Finally, with everyone returning home, the Family enjoy a chicken snack and fall asleep. The Family gometown and bus to the local village, with Jaesuk arriving late due to car troubles. After eating, the Family feed the cattle and take a break to play a game of team “musical chairs” with a large haystack, featuring Taehyun’s biting foul play and Jongshin’s backwards underpants. In each location, the guests are tasked to hunt, prepare meals, and create shelter for the group. Earlier in the evening, the dinner mission is started.


Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to go abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk.

List of Family Outing episodes

Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber kindle the embers of a love-line between Jongkook and Yejin who busily prepare the fish stew and clean the bean sprouts: After completing this assigned task, the Family join forces creatively episods film an advertisement CF for Korean beef, the local klm, based on the theme of a “love scandal” between Hyori, Yejin, and Yoon Eun-hye.

Highlights include Chunhee and Brian revealing their less glamorous pre-celebrity birth names and Sooro unsuccessfully attempting to induce Chunhee to declare his respect for Sooro’s acting career.

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The trio of Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin are charged with gathering soondae sausage ingredients, but mischievously head to a local restaurant to eat rice cakes and uometown snacks before delighting themselves at a local karaoke, fervently singing and dancing along to songs from Jongshin, TurboDambi, and SNSD. Highlights include Yejin convincing her friend that ‘Jongshin is manly’ and Jongshin trying to have his friend say ‘Yejin is loveable’. These episodes also feature guest appearances by SNSD: Highlights include Hyori threatening to withhold Jongkook’s wages if he dares to take a break and Hyori caning the three men when their attempts outihg humor are deemed not funny.

During sleep order rankings, the Family men demonstrate “tough guy” face washing before pairing up for a dance demonstration, featuring the snake-charming Jaesuk and towel-wringing Jongshin, while the episide engage in a battle of Yejin’s aegyo cuteness versus Hyori’s dancing. Hyori and Jongkook joke around in the picturesque flowerbeds and Hyori re-enacts a memorable scene from My Sassy Girlapologizing for her behavior towards Jongkook because of his muscular arms.

The album saw the release of three singles, High High, Oh Yeah, and Knock Out, all of which have charted within the top three positions of episove Gaon Chart, with High High becoming a chart-topper. North Gyeongsang Province Korean:


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