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MriAra leave the place and police comes. She calls Adi and says that she will not leave him alone.. To which Tara replies, after decorating the house. Tara secretly tells Mrityunjay that after Jayraj its turn for his surprise now. His eyes falls on the picture of Adi lying on the floor. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Kala anxiously shouts that she will not leave her..

Sandhya reads and tells the letter is from UPSC and she has been called for an interview next day at 11 a. MJ comes out frm his hiding place. Tara is shown with Mitthi. Baba asks him about the wound on his heard. She decides to leave. MJ gets a call asking whether he is coming to indore. He agrees saying that our relationship is different frm others. Bhabho is happy for Pari.

Yug is talking to his father in the garden. After hanging up the ph. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. They leave after finding nothing.

Ek Boond Ishq 13th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He suddenly stars coughing. Welcome, Login to your account.

NAndu is the only predicament. In the dark room. Why is he enduring all this, if he is innocent.

Tara takes the idol of Goddess Lakshmi, saying that this year there will be Puja also in that Ujada Chaman. Jayraj ask a troubled Nirmala if she is ok. Page 1 of 1. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She decides that the real meaning of Diwali is to bring light in a dark writren. They say they are searching for MJ and shows her the pic.


Adi replies that she 201 not throw those filmy dialogues at him and bore him.

He decides to leave but Tara holds him hand and take him infront of gods idol to pray. MJ tries desperate ways to see his wife. Their songs are muted. She finds out the entry and asks it is a baby girl right. Tara deliberately adds something to his slice when he is seeing and whispers to him that the dark room chemical can be fatal for anyone.

She said that she will make him regret his actions. MJ walks to the window, thinking to himself that the house means nothing to you without Baba. She wonders if Tara knws it. She ask whether he is alright. She thinks if she knew this before, she would not have swapped the babies and feels for Mishri. Sign in Recover your password.

5th November 2013-Episode 42

She ties her dupatta around his head. Tara bends down, the reflection of her dress comes in the glass on the photo. They see Tara and ask why she is hea. Rudrapratap comes from behind, and mocks MJ that only the members of the Shikhawat family are supposed to be in the Puja.

Mj tells Marium that even in Diwali, they will have to be in darkness. But Tara on the other hand swears to see MJ only after her death. He is surprised to see his wife, lighting up his house with Diyas. Nimmo tells him he must be feeling sad after that UC fiasco.


Nimmy tell tayaji that MJ is found to indore. A password will be e-mailed to you. This is kind of confusing on the first paragraph and 213 and the bracket information.

Ek Boond Ishq 8th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says as Emily is fine, she would be discharged the next day and asks them to collect the discharge slip for birth certificate. She excuses to drink water and runs. She prays that she has to leave today since Tom ts is coming bak and she can never escape. She calls Adi and says that she will not leave him alone. The episode strats with Tara coming to ts room and leaving a letter saying she left. Although she knws Kala is fearless but RP can be threatened as the elections are round the corner.

Tara slowly escapes away to her room. MriAra leave the place and police comes. She said, he used her trust, their friendship to succeed with his cruel intentions.

Sign in Recover your password. She touches his cheek where she slapped. Faheem covers up for him offering to perform instead.


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