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What to Read Next. Be the first to comment Hide Comments. Live puddle Cam DrummondPuddleWatch pic. I managed to corner one of them before they escaped. Anyone who fancies joining me for a warming pint after is more than welcome. Best water-based drama since Jaws. Home News Sport Business. A Belfast-city centre cinema is to close in May after its site was bought by a software company as its new headquarters.

We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. According to a very helpful Twitter user, the school nearby doesn’t start after Christmas holidays until tomorrow. What to Read Next. I’d love to say there’s some clever deep strategy but it is just genuinely hilarious. Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett has blamed the puddle on poor road maintenance. The Periscope, which lasted about six hours, shows residents trying to cross the puddle without getting their feet wet.

The hashtag DrummondPuddleWatch even trended on Twitter as people took to the platform to pddle on the small, shallow body of water. We should be seeing school children crossing the puddle very soon. Someone even placed a “Caution: By Staff Reporter Tech firm Esri Ireland has announced a plan to make its digital mapping drummobd to every school here for free. But not for this local gang who have adopted the moniker of the Drummond Place Massive. Please refresh the page and retry.

Thousands of people mesmerised by #DrummondPuddleWatch livestream – ITV News

Best water-based drama since Jaws. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for Puvdle Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.


More than 20, tuned in to watch this puddle. It could be because we are all bored back at work after Christmas, but it wstch the attention of many people on the internet. I suggested a two-handed D. There’s a man on a lilo in the puddle DrummondPuddleWatch pic.

High drama from the north. Over half a million drujmond tuned in to watch Newcastle residents try to cross a giant puddle. Gareth Wood, creative head at Drummond Central, said he was amazed that there had been so much interest.

Drummond Central periscoped a puddle for six hours in England.

Watch: Highlights from #DrummondPuddleWatch

A guy just placed a ‘slippery when wet’ sign in the Drummond puddle and it’s amazing DrummondPuddleWatch pic. Is this the greatest news event of so far? I suppose this sums up what people are into in Home News Sport Business.

Metro Bank boss to be grilled following accounting Pound rebounds to finish the week higher despite Richard Rippon, the staffer whose idea it was to put the puddle on Periscope, said he’s been impressed by the ingenuity of the puddle-hoppers. Soon, local residents got in on the fun, descending upon the puddle with telegrapb and rafts.


The Internet can turn something as mundane as a puddle into a sensation in just a couple hours. We should be spending money on that rather drum,ond on new roads DrummonPuddleWatch”.

Search News Search web. We should be spending money on that rather than on new roads DrummonPuddleWatch. You don’t know why you’re watching it but you can’t pull yourself away. McAloon said a team from Drummond Central thought it’d be fun to hide a Felegraph camera and enjoy watching people try to navigate the shallow pond. Yahoo News Photo Staff.

Excitement in Newcastle: “Puddle Watching”

Finally I’ve found the best use for my second screen. It was Richard Rippon’s observation that people watxh endless fun navigating puddles, and decided to set up a hidden periscope concealed in the overlooking offices.

I’ll be reporting telegdaph from drummondpuddlewatch in Newcastle. Either way I got them to stand in this Blazing Squad style pose Residents, as well as international viewers, began tweeting with witty commentary on the challenging task of avoiding the puddle. Haven’t been this emotionally invested in something for a long long time.


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