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His cronies are exiled and executed. When she died annals of Joseon recorded King sukjong mourning words, and said something like.. Everyone searches for the Crown Prince. Episode 3 by Regals. Lord Jang is now in charge of all the soldiers except the Royal Guards but there are only about 20 left as most have gone with the King. When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with her and then did die two years after her death. Log in with Email. And so all is well.

January 30, August 7, dramasrok Dong Yi. Giant , surprising is good drama , interesting plots , solid acting. She wants DY and the prince dead. She was probably more involved in political matters than having shared a true romance with Sukjong. I just put some information up here about this. They seem to play the same one over and over again. All those flashbacks that serve no purpose yes, I do in fact remember the conversation that occured ten seconds ago or earlier in the episode can go, and so can needless subplots for example, that oh-so hilarious artist in Yi San was excruciatingly boring and irrelevant to the story, not to mention redundant since Cho-bi was already there providing actually funny comic relief. Was the first son of King Sukjong by consort Jang proclaimed king before Yeong son?

So where can u the real info on dong yi and sukjong on how they died if u dont have the link to the website.

DY is a nice drama and I have watched as many of Korean historical drama which I love most, seeing them in their hanboks, tradtional houses etc made me feel as if am in that century or a korean.

Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast. I’m loving Baker King as it is now but I’m not sure whether the sentiment will be maintained. Choi dramaceazy bin was from Cheoning class, the lowest class in society, in the same level as slaves, and that dlng her status in palace, very low, she was not nearly close to the king or any royal in palace.

Episodee King’s my fav tis season. DY is made a level 2 concubine. They seem to play the same one over and over again. Prince Youn Ing and the Crown Prince are becoming friends.

Indeed in a drama to watch from beginning to ending. Hope drmaacrazy see this and support your site. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! But the Crown Prince ends up getting arrested for being a thief and dragged away to the police station! I just put some information up here about this. The Crown Prince saves the day by telling the King that he gave the book to the prince.


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Dony the start of episode 60, it showed Dong yi walking in a meadow or sth. I would recommend this drama to anyone,this is good entertainment based on a true story. The princes then check the medical books and to dog horror the Crown Prince finally discovers what his illness is. First dong yis son geum aka prince yeoning aka king yeongjo did die of deimentia wen yeongjo was 82 years old in after king yeongjo ruled joseon from to yes it is go to wikipedia. Watch Yisan total 77 episodes.

She gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal court in order to survive and protect her son. Hey if u want to study korean history start watchin korean tv movies and read about korea in history books and in wikipedia. Dramarazy King reveals that he never wanted to execute JOJ but since she showed no remorse he had no choice. She did not scruple on yu. I began t to read the history of korean in wikipedia.

I read in other page he probably died of botulism.

Removing junk like this is Writing Yeo Ho Min Supporting Cast. Its jang ok jung is the real evil. He had historically 10 wives- Ill put them all in order.

I am not a big fan of extensions because the story usually gets spoiled as a result vramacrazy it – Queen SeoDeok is the perfect example.

Yisan is King Jeong-jo when he yo the throne. I agree about the statement that the main guy in Baker King overact. King in DY is ridiculousacting as young boy first time in lovedreaming his women whole day long ,with that mentalityimmature character how can he rule the country.

This drama made me laugh out loud, be surprised scared and cry as well.

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Just as the assassins attack the prince and DY, Chun 588 arrives just in time having noticed the suspicious group of men entering the palace earlier. He is worried what will happen when he is discovered. Another way to look at it, the shows are typically planned with ish episodes in mind, but they go with 50 episodes to protect their investment. The main characters were real, though the details of the story was probably fiction, but the main plot and story are a fact.


The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to a source with MBC. Chun Ho Jin Supporting Episoode.

Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast.

Episode 59

I had read that Jang hui bin attacked him before being executed, and let him impotent and with painful wounds http: Before that he was just the son of a concubine and the king illegitimate ding after Inwon adopted him, he became a son between Queen and KIng legitimate Son so could inherited the crown.

Dramarazy kept to her duty and protocol, She never entered in palace disputes. Oh god this is making me sad. He eventually goes to the King to tell him he is sick. The Queen, who is seriously ill herself now, has discovered that the Crown Prince is sick and so tells a shocked DY that she wants Prince Youn Ing to study with the Crown Prince so that he will also be fit to be King if need be ….

I read your comments and you seem quite impolite in dealing with people.

Thanks for the news but to me both dramas are already too long and hope there will not be any extension. Meet dramarazy community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

But she collapses as the sword comes down on her. Thanks to the Crown Prince Geum is allowed to leave without getting beaten! But when JOJ turns up she is cold to him and wants the cheeky little low born child beaten up for daring to come near the Crow Drramacrazy


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