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I would not say that it was a captivating performance but it definitely was unusual, unconventional, unsettling and far from uninteresting performance. The support of Aadyam has truly allowed the production to be at a grand scale. Anurag and his friend reach the registrar’s office to get the papers. Through the intermittent radio broadcasts, the audience get a blow-by-blow account of the atrocities perpetrated the state. If this relationship is good one can fall asleep. This made me wonder, when the content by all these people is so easily available on my phone, why am I watching a play based on it? They portrayed the tender bond between the siblings with strong conviction.

Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you’re using an ad-blocking solution. The actors describe one gruesome episode after another without meandering into histrionics and over dramatizing the injustice of the situation. I have not come across a better definition than this so far. While it helped me identify scenes and characters from the original play, it also drew attention to the fact that script was erratic and chose to include only those elements that maximized the entertainment quotient. There are various means and methods of communication available but there is very little communication between people. He is a pious man who leads a simple life growing corn on his plot of land and providing for his family. Even though it was filled with heavy hindi words the language did not over power the script.

And while the inevitable ending was as expected, the journey was fun, quirky and entertaining.

All said and done, it is a play for children and if the children enjoyed the action on the stage and went back with a smile on their face, the objective is achieved. What follows is an evening of misunderstandings, interspersed with monologues by Drma and Adil, and some of those typical awkward moments of silences which if pulled off convincingly, can be hilarious.

And while Gasha does touch upon these topics, it remains a very personal tale of friendship and innocence. The play has already won critical acclaim for setting a precedent in episodde such a sensitive topic.

It had the entire auditorium in splits.

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At just one stroke of signature a section of citizens are going to lose their traditional livelihood. I dozed off a number of times but just out of respect to the efforts put in by the performers I kept myself awake.

She is sly, wanton and not above selling her soul to episoee devil. Not only do they discover that prostitution is rooted deep in the tradition and customs of the community, but it has its share of economic ramifications as well. The format and form of presentation was quite unusual. I kept telling Aishwarya about it and she seemed to be completely oblivious to any such smell.


There are various twists and turns in the story as the play progresses. As I am writing this, the bill on abolition of cow slaughter elisode Maharashtra is has been given assent by the President of India.

Dohri Zindagi

He brought the beautiful relationship between the father and son to life for us. This classic tale of Shakespeare is presented by Masque Theatre with a contemporary twist to it.

This piece was followed by a monologue in English by Siddhant Karnic which summed up the Mandarin monologues and suddenly every previous action got connected and I could see a complete picture, eposode of course was not a pretty picture. The flexible black box has witnessed a lot of good plays happening here since it opened and is already one of my favorite theatre haunts in the city. Whereas, in the story of Ila who is female form of King Sudyumna; he turns into a female when he enters an enchanted forest under spell of Lord Shiva at behest of Shakti.

Master Tusk, with a spider and dphri hunter for company, sets off to find his human head. Unsaid Harmony Song – Zindagi. Don’t have an account?

May 18, at His other son who volunteers to lead the village, is tortured, so as to set an example for anyone daring to participate eplsode the election process. One of the things that really intrigued me was the presentation of certain key events lat three levels: But, I was disappointed on this front too.

Sir Thomas More is a man who is torn between his loyalty to his king and his stance on the institution of marriage.

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The Shakespearean classic is being looked at from the point of view of Juliet, daughter of the Capulet family. The lines between what is supposed to be ‘good comedy’ and ‘bad comedy’ blur and some of the laughter you hear from the audience seems confused and almost half-hearted.

The light and sound design created a hallucinating effect which complemented the theme; but at times the dark setting did not give access to emotional expression of the performers to the audience rendering the experience incomplete. While I really do not care about the implications of this decision gastronomically; I cannot help thinking about the Qureshi sect which predominantly practices this trade.


Again, I thought the play was done when the truck-driver did his little song sequence, black-out faithfully in tow. For me, the relationship between those premises and the residents was not established and therefore I could not understand their insistence of saving the chawl rather than taking compensation from the landlord and get on with their respective lives. Because of this, cross-referencing memes occurs often, especially with the phrase “Just as planned.

Three actors, three languages, one riveting story; A Peasant of El Salvador is a theatrical experience that combines effectively the forms of lecture, demonstration and storytelling. Through the intermittent radio broadcasts, the audience get a blow-by-blow account of the atrocities perpetrated the state.

Spunk is a play about ordinary characters and how they behave under the influence of extraordinary semen, and full marks to the director for successfully making a slice of life scenario, memorable and interesting. They do not have physical presence so that they can be protected. I was all prepared for the drama to unfold. His encounter with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Despite that the play is not emotion heavy.

But, at the same time, it is distracting when less thought is given to a character in the same play, and a butterfly just has butterflies stuck on it. There are other three tenants residing in the chawl. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! This anomaly in their characters brings forth a bleak ray of hope in the play — if you choose to see it as one.

They travel regularly in a fixed train late in the night – before the ladies compartment becomes a general compartment. To call it a play does not do justice to the powerful piece of performance that it is.

Suddenly the script and direction came alive. Vickram Kapadia plays Shylock, traditionally considered to be the most villainous character of Shakespeare. But the play belongs to AKVarious regular Kashin Shetty who makes you not want to miss a single reaction of his, even when he’s passively standing in the audience. Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 written update, December 5, Every word, every moment of it was captivating and thought provoking and all with a dash of humor.

ILA by Priti Bakalkar.


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