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This is a series that I want to get into, and I think I’ll start from the beginning. With that being said this is the 23rd book and I was a little lost. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I’m still out on what I really think of it. He is a vintage teddy bear named Mr. This seems nuts on the face of it, since Kay raised Lucy from childhood and the two women are as close as as two sardines in a tin. Other readers, let me know if you find it. Like I said Kay was still running autopsies last I read but you will have followed her as her roles changed, would have followed the main characters and plots.

By Muriel Dobbin – – Thursday, April 21, Develop some new story lines, decide where she really wants these characters to go. Not knowing a lot of the background about these characters and their situations didn’t help my understanding of the relationships between these characters when reading this book through. View all 3 comments. I’ve often wished Pete would fall off the face of the earth, but he’s toned down in this book, so I’m giving him another chance. Seriously, have no idea what Benton and Janet knew or did. It’s almost as if she wants her readers to forget what she’s written before. Pickle is back, and looking less cuddly in the midst of bare copper wires.

Ooh that legal description is fascinating and creepy. I quickly learned not to give voice to such skepticisms, and when asked if I was a Yankee I said I didn’t follow baseball closely. The character of Benton, who I used to like, has become annoying with all of his, “it’s FBI stuff and I can’t say much cornnwell crap. Dec 06, Sharyn rated it liked it.

Depraved Heart (Scarpetta, #23) by Patricia Cornwell

Wikipedia Cambridge, MA Link I’m sick of Lucy and her irrational behavior. Scarpetta and her family, including her long suffering husband. The entire book was so vague and unbelievable that I had to make an effort to finish it.


Scarpetta is working a possible accidental death when she gets a urgent message from Lucy. In my opinion, Patricia Cornwell has gone completely off the rails with this addition to the series. Nov 12, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: Kay thinks the FBI is looking for a video taken two months ago.


Besides that issue, this book was really good! Married to a FBI profiler who keeps secrets and a super-genius niece who has no respect for authority and has not evolved as a character in 18 books and keeps secrets of her own.

Oct 03, Vicki Elia cornwelll it it was ok. Patricia Cornwell has become a latter day James Fenimore Cooper. Cornwell does weave an intricate plot, one I appreciated.

I don’t know why I keep reading these books. Jun 09, Fred rated it it was amazing Cornwekl I’m left feeling like Benton is an unfeeling, narcissistic ass.

But I was willing to give this latest a go. Postmortem, was the first bona fide forensic thriller. I thought of how much time I spend online Other readers, let me know if you find it. Lucy just annoys me, but I think there’s more of a forthcoming story with her new partner Janet.

I liked Lucy and how smart she was. Some weird things go on and Scarpetta i This is the first book I have read by Cornwell and the first cornqell I have read in this series.

The one other thing that Cornwell keeps doing is making her books take place in a twenty-four hour time frame. I admire Cornwell’s professionalism and have rated many of her earlier books 5 stars.


Develop some new story lines, decide where she really wants these characters to go. Now she spends most of her time paranoid, obsessed, and convinced that everything in her life is being contrived to harm her and the ones she “loves”. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

oatricia Would Kay do anything in the world to protect Lucy? She becomes herself an object of suspicion and Lucy, the niece who understands her, has a slender grasp on her own reality. The more recent are stale with absolutely no character development. While Kay is doing her job she receives an enigmatic video clip on her phone. Kay’s niece, Lucy Farinelli, is a genius and former FBI agent who was hewrt from the agency some time ago.

For some reason, he seemed much less grating. A word for audiobook listeners: Needless to say, I am truly invested in her characters.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Depraved Heart’ – Washington Times

Unfortunately very little mystery or actual detection takes place in the this book Just a lot of soliloquy from Kay and far too much cornwelll bang technology I don’t even think it goes into the night! Scarpetta is a medical examiner and while she is on a call she gets a video that Lucy her niece sent but it’s from the 90s when her niece was at the FBI academy. This seems nuts on the face of it, since Kay raised Lucy from childhood and the two women are as close as as two sardines in a tin.


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