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Explore these sites in Tunisia, while learning about this unique culture that thrived during the height of the Roman Empire. Henna artist is talented in both Indian and Middle Eastern design styles. In the eight centuries between its founding in A. Register by February 12 and receive your kit by February 23! Panelists will provide tools for a better understanding of these developments, and possibly some suggestions to meet the current challenges. Families get up early for suhoor, a meal eaten before the sun rises. Their music is comprised of several simple parts intricately woven together, resulting in “an evocation of sustained ecstasy.

We will also bring aluminum and candle food heaters. All tickets must be purchased one week in advance. Bill Lawrence will speak about his experience of being married to a Moroccan woman and raising a child together and Samir Labriny to speak about his experience of being married to an American Woman and raising two children together. May 6, at 6: Camel rides will be available. A spokesman for a developing Egyptian identity at a key transitional time in history–the quest for independence–Darweesh was well-known for his witty, original, and humorous personality and for his tireless work. Please join us for a discussion of a recent Carnegie Paper on Morocco which assesses the current reform process in Morocco as well as prospects for future reform. Let us create an environment that allows Moroccan Americans to want to think and talk with each other, and to effectively plan and execute future strategies in a collective way.

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Prior to his government career, Azoulay was editor of the Moroccan daily Maroc-Information and head of Eurocom, based in Paris. A Case Study of Morocco “.

Now that US-Morocco FTA has been approved by the US Congress, it is time to turn our eyes to the upcoming implementation of the agreement and its likely impact on the bilateral trade relationship. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University The IER’s work on past human rights abuses in Morocco and their recommendations about legislative and other changes necessary to ensure that this situation is not repeated in the future.


While the financial benefits are minimal, the exposure to the community and interaction with our Washington population is invaluable. Where conflict has created insurmountable walls between people, the spirit of creative expression reaches out to disarm and bind communities together to stimulate a current of activity aimed at building a culture of peace.

The twelfth Annual Arabian Sights Film Festival offers a diverse selection of the newest, most provocative, and inspiring films from today’s Arab world.

Paul, the focus country will be the Kingdom of Moroccoproviding guests with an opportunity to sample the culture and cuisine of this fascinating country in an exhilarating environment … Circus Juventas.

Panelists will provide tools for rox better understanding of these developments, and possibly some suggestions to meet the current challenges.

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NW corner of 18th St. TBA As Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits begins, thirty men, women, and children crowd onto an inflatable boat to embark on the dangerous fourteen-kilometer crossing from Morocco to Spain. Airline tickets, luxury hotels, Moroccan artwork and much more.

Known for her unique style in fusing modern and traditional melodies, Saida Fikri composes and performs poetic songs in a combination of Morrocan dialect, Classical Arabic, French, and English. ThursdayJune 8, 8: Thirty-four women were elected to Morocco’s Parliament. We cibema close with sweets, fruit and Moroccan mint tanyer. Contemporary Tunisian Arts and Handicrafts. Full text below my signature block. Please email me if you would like me to send you a PDF map.

Ponasik and her husband, who are now retired, live in Washington, D. Khaled is the undisputed King of Rai, the carefree North African dance-pop sound that has brought him great acclaim around the world. The program will include a discussion on procurement opportunities and the full range of trade royx investment opportunities in Morocco.


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The panel will discuss the current events, the constitutional reforms as well as upcoming elections in Morocco in the context of the Arab spring.

We are gathering for Happy Hour on Friday, August 8, at 6 p. High Atlas Foundation’s new tree cihema initiative is now featured at GlobalGiving. The Arab Maghreb Union: Jude Children’s Research Hospital, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is one of the world’s premier centers for research and treatment of catastrophic diseases in children, primarily pediatric cancers. Vasquez today announced the temporary suspension of the Peace Corps program in Morocco.

DeKoven is convenient to Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, yet offers a secluded setting conducive to the Seminar.

Wednesday, March 23, 6: Volunteer representatives will speak in addition to the Ambassador and myself. Les Films du Losange 22, av. The Peace Corps will be celebrated throughout the evening. For more information, visit the Festival’s Web site at www. Free parking is available across the street.

Paths to Hope Artistic Director Statement. Lalami also has an essay in horairess forthcoming Gods and Soldiers: Sponsors of the Washington, D.

The Heartland Seminar is sponsored by Xauen Music, a Chicago-based tangee dedicated to preserving the heritage of classical Arabic, Sephardic, Turkish, and Armenian music. The five countries face, in varying degrees, similar challenges in pursuing the liberalization of their economies by fostering the private sector and undertaking the privatization of state owned enterprises, while providing adequate social safety nets and tackling the critical issue of unemployment, mainly among the youth.


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