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Soqoot Hor — Crime, Drama, Mystery 5. But Rik Rok is being chased by his girl and two lady assassins on motorcycles. Segn El Nessa — Drama 8. Kafr Delhab 45 min Drama, Horror, Mystery 7. Horseman Without a Horse — Drama 7. On one side, Nawwarah gets to know Mutamed who comes back

As his problems start piling up, he discovers that sticking to his morals may not be as easy as he once thought especially when he starts having doubts about even those closest to him. And stay away from sectarian and racial incitement and insults. A ravenous, insatiable businessman tries to twist Islam to suit his whims and becomes a polygamist. Your comment as a visitor. Based on a true story, the show discusses a mission carried out by the Egyptian equivalent of the CIA in Tel Aviv between and Critical Moments — Drama 6. Paris show pays homage To ‘eternal style’ of late Alaia French fashion Olivier Saillard in exhibition “Je suis couturier”.

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Hanan plays the roles of two twin sisters who were separated at birth, one ends up growing up with a Muslim family and the second in a Christian home. This is the first time Ramy Sabry sings the opening and ending themes of a series. Masreyya, Nile Drama, Nahar. Above the Clouds — Action 6. View News in Almaghribtoday – Entertainment: An Egyptian official stationed in Tel Aviv has his assets frozen by the Israeli government.

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim’s celebrated novel, “Zaat” explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting fromwhen the main character “Zaat” was born, all the way up to the present day.

On one side, Nawwarah gets to know Mutamed who comes back Awlad Al Akaber Drama 6. And who said Ramadan was about empathizing with the poor? El-Hesaab Yegmaa Drama 6. Wannous — Drama, Mystery 8.

Naji Atallah, a former egyptian diplomat in the egyptian embassy in israel, seeks revenge against israelis as he plans to rob a bank in telaviv with a squad of youths he recruited. Amira fi Abdeen — Drama, Family 6.


A man is framed for the attempted assassination of a high ranking governmental official.

My Way — Drama 7. Kafr Delhab 45 min Drama, Horror, Mystery 7. After he received his education in Paris, he returned back to Egypt to become the Mehwar, Nahar, Nile Drama. Conscience of Teacher Hikmat — 45 min Drama, Family 7. The Legend — Action, Crime, Drama 6.

Magnificent Egyptian series about a murder and a detective is on the case whom will discover shocking events behind the case.

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Sarah’s mental growth stops in childhood, and returns to the embryonic stage. Every year, competition is fierce among title songs for Ramadan television show. Sara — Comedy, Drama 6. It kicks off in s England — during World War II — and chronicles the story of the titular merchant who leaves England due to the war, moves to Sudan and then to Upper Egypt.

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Tayea Drama 7. Amira who cites her first husband in the war of attrition leaving her two children and then dies her father before the passage of one year and progress Abdel Moncef lawyer to marry her. Dahsha — Drama 7. This might as well be called Catfight part 2. As repair work drags on No end to eyesores at Taj Mahal Restoration work at India’s most popular tourist attraction has been dragging on for years.

The show puts a magnifying glass to the Muslim-Christian tensions in Egyptian society. Ebbo is the only inherent for the big-biscuit production company. Bahgat Abu El kheir luxurious life changes entirely after he meets life’s obstacles and what is it like to live in poverty.

Rahem — Drama 7. After Yaqout the father left his hfkayat and kids and disappeared for 20 years, the Devil Wannous came to his family claiming that he’s their father’s friend telling them that their father ramsdan Wannous own millions.


Paris show pays homage To ‘eternal style’ of late Alaia French fashion Olivier Saillard in ramzdan “Je suis couturier”. A married couple are recruited as spies by the Israelis in the post war. In retaliation, he returns to Egypt and assembles a team to sneak into Israel via the Gaza tunnels and rob a bank.

An Arabic language artt living abroad returns to his small hometown in Egypt and heoayat to learn how to deal with the way society changed in his absence — the hard way. Each of them decides to The series focuses on political and social life in Egypt during the s, especially the notable flourishing of Islamist trends.

Moga Harra — Crime, Drama, Romance 8. In order to get his wealth he find that his Father left a Will. Opera Ayda — Comedy, Drama 7.

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Arabstoday follows the Ramadan race. Al Kabeer — Comedy, Romance 8. Your comment as a visitor. Hidden Worlds Drama 6.

Ayna qalbi — Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. Based on a true story, the show discusses a mission carried out by the Egyptian equivalent of the CIA in Tel Aviv between and Horseman Without a Horse — Drama 7. Sarah enters a coma for several long years, due to psychological problems resulting from harsh conditions that Social drama, mercy killing is discussed by a doctor “Ayda” ramadsn of killing a patient suffering from an incurable disease ,with her a lawyer “Opera” they reveal cases of corruption.

Once he is on his deathbed, his


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